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Cosmos: A Personal Voyage

I found this series in Hulu's News and Information section under the Shows tab earlier this year. I just finished watching the last of the 13 episodes (approximately an hour each) that piece together a variety of information in a comprehensive fashion that is enjoyable, even if the info is not new to the viewer. The series aired in 1980 so the special effects are certainly not what we expect today and much has been answered or discovered in the almost 30 years since. That is in part what the series is about: human understanding and discovery of the cosmos through time. There is so much more to this series than one might expect. Of course there is the aspect of space exploration, physics and chemistry but beyond that it recalls the history and people behind the discoveries and growing knowledge that over time has led to the 'matter of fact' understanding we have at present day. It's easy to see the difficulties societies go through in present day to reach conclusions