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Emily Prime Over the last two years, I've watched a short film called World of Tomorrow a couple of times. It's a cool, animated film that is both weird and futuristic. I believe it's only about fifteen to twenty minutes. I'll probably end up watching it again. How many more times? I don't know. Maybe, my clone from the future will come visit and tell me. It's on Netflix, if you're interested. When I found the following video on YouTube, I noticed that the creator of this short film had other videos. I shall have to view them sometime. Maybe, I'll share one of those on THE NOT SO DAILY DUMP in the future. Here's a teaser trailer for World of Tomorrow . Yes, it came out in 2015. ( And, here's the link for email subscribers. ) *   *   * New Posts To Consume I have recently published a post about the fire pit and patio that was constructed in my backyard. I'm looking forward to the time that I and others will get to spend enjoy

The Peculiar Children

Last week, my family and I watched Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children , and we all loved it. We had time to watch a movie that night, maybe not a 2+ hour movie, but none of us were up too late. My wife didn't know anything about the movie, but I was at least somewhat familiar with the premise. My daughter had suggested that we watch it, and then insisted on it, as she has watched the trailer "thousands of times." This was news to my wife and me, but we believe it. We have Apple TV and one of the apps that comes standard is a Trailers app. It's quite nice to have, actually. I think the movie is appropriate for children, dependent upon the children and their age. It's much darker and more scary than my wife and I had anticipated, and we kept asking them throughout the movie if it was going to be a problem, if they were going to have nightmares. We were continually reassured that everything was fine, that it was scary, and that they were really enjoyi

Living Gratitude And Other Positive Habits

As I've mentioned in at least one post in the past, I've been using my drive time to and from work as a time for thinking. I like having this quiet time to let my mind go wild and dart around to wherever it feels it needs to be. This darting, over time, ends up covering every aspect of my life that happens to be at the front of my mind at the time. Self-improvement is something that I actively seek out, more so the older I've gotten, and even more so since I got married four years ago. This year in particular, I've been working on "upping my game" on a more personal "in my head" kind of way, and I have been inspired by others who have achieved success, especially those who have achieved success in similar ways that I aspire to. I've talked about gratitude in the past, specifically in the post, " Amazing ," and while gratitude hasn't always been as forward in my mind as it should be, it's not something I have often forgot abou

Come On Baby, Light My Fire

For a while, I had considered trying my hand at constructing a fire pit and a surrounding patio in my backyard. The idea of being able to look out upon and use something I created is appealing, especially considering it should be cheaper to do than hiring someone or some company. Despite this, I decided to go with Option B and hire it out. Two weeks ago, we had no fire pit and patio. Last week, a crew spent a couple of days doing the work. This week, we were able to use it for the first time. The main reasons or conclusions I came to for deciding to hire it out are as follows: One, I didn't want it to turn into a summer-long project. I have other projects I want to work on and would never hire out. Two, the quality of the end product is pretty safely guaranteed when a company who constructs many of these over a summer is involved. I have never attempted this type of project. Three, I want to enjoy the end result this summer, throughout the summer. Fortunately, there was an op