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Remember Champ, Every Day Isn't A Winner.

Hi. I sit here not knowing what to write and it's the end of the month - the arbitrary deadline I give myself to post something. I have ideas and posts that I've started but nothing that promotes me to write, or finish. I don't have any videos I've seen recently to share but I do have plenty of links to stuff - some of which will be at the end of the post, as usual... Right now I am listening to Tool's 10,000 Days . It's been a while since I've listened to it. Before that I listened to Radiohead's The Bends . It's been a while for that one too.  Before that, Jet's Get Born .  It's a good rock album.  I've listened to it a few times this year.  And all the while I was listening to them (and still am), I was doing my 'Mondays'.  (pause, reflection... backspace)  I just decided to not go into that.  Think of it as doing stuff that needs to get done.  Normally, I have Mondays off but today I worked an 8 hour day (compared to my