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Bass In Your Face Will Vibrate Your Ace

I'm getting a new bass this week and I'm pretty excited about it.  I've been wanting a 5 string with active electronics for quite a while now.  It's a Schecter Stilleto Studio 5 .  I tried one out at a Guitar Center a couple weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised by its playability and options/control over the sounds/tones you can get with it.  I originally wanted to get an Ibanez 755, but because I am plagued with left-handedness, I wouldn't be able to get one unless I signed away my first-born (or pay more money).  It all turned out for the better, though.  I did a comparison of the two in store and in my opinion the Schecter won.  The Ibanez basses are nice - don't get me wrong - but the Schecter fit what I was looking for.  Once I get that I'll be working on the new Colour the Moon album due out sometime this fall. Links of Interest: Arnis Lefthand Bass Community Schecter Guitar Research Jerry's Lefty Guitars And for those who aren't inte