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Haters Back Off! This is a show that I've been wanting to share with you for a while. My wife and I started watching this Netflix Original, Haters Back Off! , sometime towards the end of last year. I fell in love pretty much immediately. We only watched the first season before we took a break and got lost in the return of network shows that we follow. Finally, we returned and finished off Haters ' second and most recent season in the past week or so. I suspect a third season to come at some point, but as is often the case with shows of this nature, it seemed like they buttoned things up in a way that would be fitting of a show not getting the 'go ahead' from corporate. One just never knows, so why not do right by the fans just in case? However, Netflix doesn't seem to have the same constraints as network or even cable TV, and this show isn't a big budget type of shindig. I await its return. No, wait. I just checked the internet. Apparently, there won'