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Got Resolve? 2018 Goals Dissected

I stated in the post " Got Resolve? A New Year's Beginning " that I would be explaining the goals I outlined in more detail. If you want a little more background on my musing about goals, New Year's Resolutions, and the like, you can start with the post linked above. Or, you can start with a post I wrote in early 2017 entitled, " Not So New Resolutions For The New Year ." I'm going to try and keep this post more focused and answer nonexistent questions, to explain my rationale for setting the goals up the way I did. This post, no doubt, will still be plenty long. I've established some rules because having goals isn't enough, right? *Sarcasm* In this case, I felt rules were necessary to ultimately gain what I hope to get out of this project. It's more than saying, "I want to do this, and look, it's done." I'm not only trying to accomplish the particular item on the list, but also trying to change my brain and daily habit

Got Resolve? A New Year's Beginning

Last year around this time, I wrote a post entitled, " Not So New Resolutions For The New Year ." The post wasn't so much about my own resolutions for the year as much as talking about resolutions in general. I don't plan on repeating any of that in this post, so you're better off reading or rereading it. It could serve to make this post all the richer. Or, not. This year, I wondered if I should write about habits I want to break or make. It would be goals of a certain stripe, not everything I hope to accomplish. There are some goals too personal for this blog, and some of those are my financial goals and adjustments that I make each year. When it comes to projects and hobbies, I kind of already tackle those goals and their progress throughout the year with my blog feature, The R&D Workshop . And since a year is 365 days strong, things change and goals may need to be rethought somewhere down the calendar, or maybe new ones need to be put into place. Decembe