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Coco I have a very short list of TV shows and movies that I keep for future inspiration in this spot. I never feel obliged to pull from this list, but it can serve as a great launching point if one of them happens to tickle the meat in my skull. Perhaps I'll feel inspired to share one of those with you because it's something I think you should watch. Maybe there's something I find amusing or it has a greater meaning in my life. Maybe what applies today will not apply tomorrow. That is highly unlikely, though. I was hesitant to share this movie, Coco , here. My wife will vouch for that. I do think it's a good movie and our whole family enjoyed it. The movie even did a good job of throwing us all off on one important detail. (My wife did ponder the possibility out loud, but I’m not sure if it was a case of confusion or sleuthing.) I'm usually pretty good at seeing through most twists, considering most movies and TV shows have twists nowadays, so I'm always on


Temple Grandin About a couple of months ago, the subject of autism came up between my wife and kids and me. It reminded me of an HBO movie, Temple Grandin , I had watched several years prior. The movie came out in 2010, so it was around then that I saw it. I thought this movie was well done, and it also introduced me to autism in a way that I had never experienced. That I knew of, I had never known or had been around an autistic person. The best part about this movie is that its main character and story are based upon a real person with autism who has accomplished great things. The movie is both informative and inspiring. We watched it that same afternoon, not terribly long after our discussion began. About a month later, my daughter, age nine, asked if she could watch TV. She stated that she'd like to watch Temple Grandin . I don't know that I would have let her watch any TV at that time, but her mentioning she was interested in watching Temple Grandin certainly made me