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Virtual Insanity I’ve noticed that the videos I have included in THE NOT SO DAILY DUMP have been primarily related to movies, TV shows, and TED Talks. While you should expect plenty more of those in the future, and there are still plenty of those that I COULD share with you, I decided to go a bit off of the beaten path in this issue and share a music video. My wife and I were watching TV one night months ago and something reminded me of this video. If you were the right age in the ‘90s and you had access to music videos, then this artist, song, and video may not be new to you. My wife was not familiar with the artist, song, or video, so I played it for her. Is it groundbreaking? Monumental? I doubt it. Who am I to say? It’s just one of those things in pop culture from the time frame I grew up in. It’s one of those “things” I remember and reference from time to time. Without further delay, here's a music video from Jamiroquai for the song, Virtual Insanity . Do you think the

The R&D Workshop No.6

✤ Intro Last October I wrote a couple of these updates, No.4 and No.5 . I attempted to get you, the reader, up-to-date on projects in general, and then I specifically outlined my hopes for the winter music season. Here I am to tell you about some more things that have or have not happened since then. ✤ Little Drummer Man Have you read my posts on the resolutions I've made this year? I've linked the post that goes most in depth about my 2018 goals here. One of those resolutions is playing drums daily. I've done a pretty decent job of following through with this goal so far with plenty of room for improvement. While I'm already experiencing the benefits of the (progressively) daily discipline, I expect to see much bigger gains when next autumn comes. One big issue I’ve had with accomplishing these goals recently is that I came down with the flu. That really screwed up my ability and my motivation to accomplish my goals. I’ve been gradually feeling better and h