Virtual Insanity

I’ve noticed that the videos I have included in THE NOT SO DAILY DUMP have been primarily related to movies, TV shows, and TED Talks. While you should expect plenty more of those in the future, and there are still plenty of those that I COULD share with you, I decided to go a bit off of the beaten path in this issue and share a music video.

My wife and I were watching TV one night months ago and something reminded me of this video. If you were the right age in the ‘90s and you had access to music videos, then this artist, song, and video may not be new to you. My wife was not familiar with the artist, song, or video, so I played it for her. Is it groundbreaking? Monumental? I doubt it. Who am I to say? It’s just one of those things in pop culture from the time frame I grew up in. It’s one of those “things” I remember and reference from time to time.

Without further delay, here's a music video from Jamiroquai for the song, Virtual Insanity. Do you think the lyrics to the song are more relevant to life today than they were back when it was written? Give it a watch below, or emailers, give this a tap.

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New Posts To Consume

Justinian’s Flea And Related Musings
Here’s a post I wrote about a book I read last year. As should come with no surprise, I meander a bit in thought, mention the book I started reading after Justinian’s Flea, and talk of my reading habits in general and as of late last year. I do talk plenty about the book itself, in my opinion, but it’s not just about the book, hence, the ‘related musings.’

The R&D Workshop No.6
This post follows the path laid by past Workshop updates and informs readers of a couple things I built late last year, how I’m doing with my 2018 goals in relation to drumming, where I’m at with the music-making (mostly concerning my music computer), and a little guidance on what the way forward is looking like right now. While this post isn’t a thoroughly comprehensive look into these topics, it does provide more answers to those of you who may be curious or are wondering, “What’s this guy DOing?”

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Mail A Penny, Take A Penny

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Have you ever received mail that includes coins? These are the kind of mailers trying to get you to donate to a cause. It’s the price one pays when they’ve donated to any cause. One particular plea that I’ve seen more often over the last few years is organizations sending people coins and asking them to send it back. What they really want you to do is to send them a check for more than what they sent, obviously. I’ve found this practice to be odd.

I’ve joked with my wife that I should return the money to them. Is it a jerk thing to do? Maybe, but I would be doing what they asked. Would I be the first to do this? Someone has had to have done it, right? They are already paying someone for my information, paper, printing, postage etc just to get their message and request to me, and now they’ve added five to ten cents to the cost. I often wonder if getting money or free stuff (like calendars) from charities actually gets people to donate. They must do it because it works. I’m sure there’s a percentage of people that it appeals to, and it must work if charities do it repeatedly.

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The Law of Flat Surfaces

Where there is a flat surface, "things" will accumulate. This has been a bit of a peeve of mine for as long as I can remember in my adult life. Sure, some flat surfaces should have things on them. Where else are we to put things? Surely, bumpy or otherwise non-flat surfaces aren't usually the best to place things, but sometimes those horizontally challenged surfaces are probably more appropriate. My problem comes when every flat surface is covered with these things and there's no place or not enough of a place to temporarily put things or to do things, because there are things already and always there in what seems to be a permanent state. Some surfaces need to breathe and live in the moment and not always be under the weight of random stuff. Some surfaces should be kept bare for the majority of time.

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Shine That Spotlight, You Crazy Diamond

Carrying on from where I left off in TNSDD #10, here are the next three Spotlights recapped.

Douglas Ferrie is a cousin of mine, and in the previous Spotlight, I told you about how he was a featured artist for a show called "Savor" presented by RAW Minneapolis and that he works for a company called House of Kolor. I’d like to update you a bit with information about his latest endeavor. He has a page on Facebook now to showcase his artistry. His moniker and page name is Doodle Monster with a handle of @TheTrueDoodleMonster. What you’ll find is a collection of ‘doodles’ ranging from portraits to a reoccurring comic strip. Feed your eyeballs and follow his page.

I recognized Ben and Emily Smith previously for running a great business with amazing customer service. My wife and I will no doubt give them any business we can, whether it’s for our own home’s sewer and drain needs or as a referral to anyone who will listen. It seems like they are continuing to catch people’s attention and have been featured in Cleaner Magazine. Not only was an article written about them and their company, but they were on the cover! How awesome! Follow Marvel Sewer and Drain on Facebook or visit their website.

Jessi Gurr is a woman on a mission. I went a little overboard (perhaps, not?) with links to different things she’s done and is doing in the Spotlight I featured her in. In this issue, where I’m trying to keep things a little more streamlined and to the point, I will just remind you of her website development and hosting company, Iceberg Web Design. With a work environment that would make any employee envious, Iceberg churns out top-notch work regularly. I look forward to the day that I can give them my web design and hosting business. Go to their website and see what they do and have done. Follow them on Facebook!

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