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7 Reasons Why I Blog

I decided to come up with a list of reasons as to why I blog. I had mentioned in a previous post that there were many reasons. So, why not elaborate on that? Sure, some of the reasons may be a bit of a stretch, but they are all legitimate reasons that have crossed my mind.
Even though it didn't make it on my list, I hope that my blog is entertaining. I know I'm not a stand-up comedian, a riveting author, or a terribly interesting person, but I do hope that all who visit and take the time to read what I write feel like it's worth the time spent.
Let's get to the list!

1. My Kids And Future Generations
I want my kids, their cousins, and everyone after them to know me. Well, to know me better than they might otherwise. This blog is intended to be a window into my life, even if it is dirty or cracked and visibility isn't the best. Regardless, the window lets light in and likewise will shine a light on my life and my thoughts.
My mother has been into family history, als…

Ruminating Forty: The Becoming Of An Iconic Age

This year, this month actually, I'm turning forty. I'll try to spare you the clichés and trappings of a post about turning forty, but chances are I'll fail at that. Why? Because there's something universal to stereotypes and clichés. There's a truth to them that we may not want to admit. There's a reason they exist. Turning forty and our feelings about it are no exception.

I could also go on at great lengths talking about a lot of different things related to my life up until turning forty and where I’m at in life now and where I see myself going. Instead, I felt it best to highlight a few different things that I’ve thought about most in regards to this decade milestone. How has age influenced my decisions and my outlook the most?

I don't believe that I went through or am going through a midlife crisis. To some extent, I feel like I've already gone through plenty of internal life crises. In the least, we all have micro life crises along the way, some ar…

The Black River Players

I'll admit that when I first started reading J. Thomas Richard's noir-style novel, The Black River Players, my brain was a little resistant. That notion sounds worse than it was, but that seems to be the best way for me to describe it. With a little more explanation, maybe you'll understand. It's a great book, so don't stop reading here, and please, buy a copy and support a talented writer who is self-published.

What you must first understand is that I was coming out of reading an entirely different book in every sense of the word “entirely.” The book I had finished reading, Justinian's Flea: Plague, Empire, and the Birth of Europe, is a text based upon gathered information that is then laid out and explained in a comprehensive way. I enjoyed that book for the knowledge that I gained, and I wrote a post about my experience with it. That book contributed to an even greater understanding I now have of the human race’s historical background. The text in Justinian…


Arrested, Again

In TNSDD #8, I featured the show, Arrested Development. I wrote up a very small bit about my feelings on Season 4. I included a video, of course. In this issue, I’ve decided to bring this show up again as my wife and I watched Season 5 in the latter half of this past summer.

To start off with, in general, I liked Season 5 more than I liked 4. It felt more akin to the first three seasons. I know that there were issues getting the whole cast together to film during Season 4, and that seemed to have had a greater affect on how the show turned out, greater than they probably expected. Maybe it was in part due to writing that didn’t live up to prior seasons. I’m sure it’s an all-of-the-above type of explanation. Season 4 was still good but as in the same way that there’s no such thing as bad pizza, as the saying goes. Having Arrested Development is better than NOT having it, mostly.

I would’ve liked to have watched Season 5 more binge-fully. Now that most people, including …

The R&D Workshop No.9

Welcome to another edition of The R&D Workshop. I wish I could say that the type of post I'm going to put out each week is more planned, for the newly published ones that is, but lately it has been a game of which one is done first? Which one seems the most relevant this particular week? What’s on my mind?

If you haven't been following my blog by way of social media, in particular Facebook or Twitter, then you might not be privy to the fact that I've been re-posting older posts every other week. I call them “refurbished” because that's what I basically do to them. I have been moving sequentially with those, going from when I restarted my blog to the present day. I don’t plan on sharing any Electric Feast posts, so that’s an archive search for you, reader, if you’re up for it. (I do make it easy in the menu...) More on my refurbishing in the last section of this post.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but it has been getting particularly tough to move forward w…



Last year, my family and I got into a show called Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia. It's a Netflix show by Guillermo del Toro. I have gotten the impression that his name means something, so maybe that alone would sway you into checking it out? (Among many others, he did write, direct, and produce Pan’s Labyrinth—a great movie, if you ask me.) If you don't have kids, I could certainly see this NOT being on your bucket list. Maybe I'm wrong. If you have kids, I think this is a fun show to watch together; it was a great way for my wife and I to connect/share an interest with the kids.

We watched season three shortly after it came out this past spring/summer, and it didn't disappoint. However, with the way the story was progressing, it did leave me wondering what fuel they would have left for the story afterward. I got my answer after finding out there would be only three seasons—makes sense. It made me wonder how much of the show's length was intended and h…

The R&D Workshop No.8

Here we are again, taking another stab at a new approach to this part of my blog called The R&D Workshop. As I stated in the last update, No.7, I don't plan on doing this weekly, though it would be nice to do so. I have plenty that I want to write beyond these Workshop updates, and sometimes time and consequence determine what we humans work on. That's not always bad, as there ARE other interests of mine. Plus, having a young family creates its own balance of rewards and challenges. Make lemonade with tomatoes, I say. This post focuses on some upgrades, improvements, and whatnot related to my writing and beyond.

First! I started a Facebook page dedicated to my writing. You can find me at—come join me!

Second! Yes, I did change up this place a little. The new site is "responsive," much more mobile friendly, and I think it looks so fetch. Plus, it's nice to change things up.

Here's a picture I took on a recent, early mornin…

Draze Force: Analog Meets 8-Bit

For what now seems like a long time ago, I had the opportunity to receive a digital copy of Draze Force’s new EP, III, along with its accompanying cover art. Nick Morris, Draze Force's sole mastermind, graciously sent it to me back in May before its June 8th release. I've been mulling over a write-up on the blog ever since, taking stabs at a post along the way. It hasn't been until recently that I was able to start tightening things up to publish this post. As I wrote, Nick humored me by answering some questions.

I could make the attempt of breaking down each song descriptively and relaying that to you readers here, but this is not that type of post. I feel that music is a far too personal experience; it’s an art to be heard, not read. What I do here is merely a supplement to what YOUR ears tell YOU.

If I had to give you a simple description, how would I describe the music of Draze Force? The first word that pops into my mind is electronic. Realizing that description is a…