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Change Comes From All, Not One

I thought this topic would be appropriate considering Obama's poll numbers as of late. I don't give polls too much weight, but they can show a trend in how people feel about a certain subject. I guess it would be good to note that I did vote for Obama. I think he is well qualified, inspirational and has good ideas on how to govern our country. Also a good point to make is that I am not an Obama worshiper who believes he can do no wrong or stray from the 'right' path. The 'right' path is of course subjective and means something different to all; a difficult task considering the country has 300 million people and counting. Like all politicians running a campaign, Obama made promises that I believe he intends on keeping. Like all politicians in office, campaign promises are usually hard to make a reality. The Office Of President is a very powerful position with many responsibilities and often times don't get the credit they deserve or the opposite, are blamed