Change Comes From All, Not One

I thought this topic would be appropriate considering Obama's poll numbers as of late. I don't give polls too much weight, but they can show a trend in how people feel about a certain subject. I guess it would be good to note that I did vote for Obama. I think he is well qualified, inspirational and has good ideas on how to govern our country. Also a good point to make is that I am not an Obama worshiper who believes he can do no wrong or stray from the 'right' path. The 'right' path is of course subjective and means something different to all; a difficult task considering the country has 300 million people and counting.

Like all politicians running a campaign, Obama made promises that I believe he intends on keeping. Like all politicians in office, campaign promises are usually hard to make a reality. The Office Of President is a very powerful position with many responsibilities and often times don't get the credit they deserve or the opposite, are blamed for situations out of their control. Either way, it is still important to be critical of our elected officials; it keeps them honest and working diligently for the people of America, you and me.

Change was the mantra for the Obama '08 campaign that swept so many people up in the hope they have for his presidency, but the word means nothing unless you establish the before and after of what it is you want to change. Not everyone agrees with what Obama means by change but many do. When Obama's poll numbers drop, it's because they don't believe he is fulfilling his promises in part or full. Remember, there is an opposition to his ideas of change that will work around the clock to stop him. That's politics. So, Obama will have to tackle the issues as he can and is able and as new ones arise.

When looking at all the issues our country and the world has at present, it's hard for me to believe that one man has the absolute power to change it for the better, and I hardly believe that anyone wants a dictator. In order for anything to change on a national or global scale, there has to be a large number of willing participants. If you look back in history, you can find important and relevant figures that helped shape the world into what we know today, but they could never have done it without a willing populous. Leaders with a vision for the future can only go so far - the rest have to take up the challenge as well. Change is made daily by you and me, working for a better life, a better world. If one person can make a difference, no matter how small, just imagine what billions of people can do.

What does 'change' mean to you? Are you willing to be a part of the solution?

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Thanks for reading.

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