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Social Media OVERLOAD

The title to this post shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Heck, the few people out there who've somehow abstained from social media understand this. Why? Because social media is woven into our culture now. It didn't take long. It's addictive. It's NOW . It's a great promotional tool. It's many things. It's whatever you want it to be. While the internet has given everyone the potential to share to the world, it has also created a vast ocean of stuff that can be hard to navigate, believe, or keep up with. A bit of advice: You can't keep up and you were never intended to. Every social media service and website has every intention to try and keep you logged on and plugged into their site indefinitely. This shouldn't come as a surprise. In the mobile world, if someone clicked on a link, it used to open in their browser of choice. Now, that person technically stays within that social media platform every time they do so—unless you tell


Veep This summer, my wife and I started watching a show called Veep . It's a comedic, political show on HBO that we've very much enjoyed. We've made it through all six seasons that are currently available, and now, we're left waiting for the seventh season scheduled to air in 2018. (Rumored to be its last.) There's much to be said about the show. One thing that helped us catch all of the fast, witty, smart ass, and asshole-ish dialogue is subtitles. The dialogue can move pretty fast at times. It's a show that's always amusing, and at times, laugh-out-loud funny. For me, at least. The happenings on the show can be a bit absurd, but that probably makes them all the more real in some twisted way. Although every character is a bit of a gem for their own reasons, one character in particular has seemed to grow on me a bit—Richard Splett. At first, I didn't think much of his character, not expecting him to become a regular, but he's stuck aro