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Jesus Was A Socialist

Yes, you read that right and I challenge anyone to disprove it. I find it difficult to imagine the iconic figure that is Jesus would be of a particular political party but a philosophy is different. Although I don't subscribe to any religion in my adulthood, I grew up Catholic so I do have background on the matter. Where am I going with this you may wonder? Well, with the current health care debate in the U.S. and the much heated 'town halls' this August, I started to connect some dots. Though not new 'revelations' to me, they strike me as reoccurring time and again. There is way too much that can be said on this vast subject so I will try to keep it to the point and leave the rest for possible future posts. Keep in mind I am not demonizing a particular sect over another (and I have good health care through my employer). I am a 'free agent' when it comes to religious and spiritual matters and I keep an open mind and respect others beliefs. I believ