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An Inconvenient Poop

Yeah, I went there. There are more inconveniences out there than the truth, Al Gore . While I will spare any unnecessary details and grossness, this post title came to me last week and I couldn't resist. No, I won't be talking about excrement, or maybe, I will. Let's see where these words take us. I will be touching upon some reality that comes about with having kids—at least a reality for my wife and me. My wife and I are a team. This means we try to keep each other informed of what we as individuals have going on in our lives. My wife has become quite the runner this year. She needs to train for 5K s. This along with other tasks she would like to accomplish gets brought up and figured out for the week. The same goes for me as well. I let her know what I would like to accomplish for the week or when overtime is available at work. We're always checking in with each other and coordinating our ever increasingly complicated lives. This is not a hard concept for most

My Life With The Ryder Cup Cult: Part Two

Read Part One here. When we had finished our walk of the course and found ourselves back at the entrance, we agreed to go and check out some of the sponsor tents that we didn't need credentials to get into. There were three: Le Golf National, Samsung, and Mercedes-Benz. These tents, other than the larger-sized merchandise shop, were the biggest tents there. We stopped in first at  Le Golf National, France  because we went to them in order, duh. The 2018 Ryder Cup will be in France, so they were promoting it, hoping that the people at this Ryder Cup would be the kind of people to go to France for the next one. Also, the tent was to promote golf courses and hotels in France for vacation purposes. We got some free pictures that were a little bit bigger than postcards, a golf tee, and a scratch-free-wiping-cloth-thing. There were three French women working in the tent, and I think one French man. One of the women came over and talked to us while we looked at the pictures and

My Life With The Ryder Cup Cult: Part One

On September 28th, I had the opportunity to spend the day at Hazeltine National Golf Club . It was the home of the 2016 Ryder Cup . I'm not going to go into exactly what that is, because I still don't fully know how that works. What I do know is that there are two teams in the tournament: Team USA and Team Europe, and they are playing for possession of the Ryder Cup. It happens every two years. Individuals golf in groups, but it's a team tournament. Scores, pairings, blah blah blah. Now that it's over, and a month later, I know Team USA won.  I received a ticket and a commemorative hat for free from where I work. I was one of the people chosen based on my contributions to safety. The company I work for also had a hospitality tent at the Ryder Cup, so I was able to take advantage of the free food available and have a nice area to view the second half of the tenth hole. I had heard the tickets were about one hundred dollars, so it was a nice gift to receive. I surel

The Novice Masterer-ererer

This past April, I finished mastering the Colour the Moon album, Reflections . I'm new to the whole "mastering music myself" thing, so it takes me a while to do as I am learning along the way. I technically started mastering it a year prior, and after working on it for a few months in between working on my second Mess of it ALL release, The Depth of Layers , I put it on hold for the summer and the following autumn. When I began mastering Reflections in the spring of 2015, my intent was to experiment and to see what I could learn about mastering on my own. When I began mastering The Depth of Layers in the fall of 2015, the learning was both hands on and in the form of reading many articles online by people more talented and knowledgeable than me. When I finished mastering The Depth of Layers , I continued this practice through the finish of Reflections . My approach to mastering Reflections changed a lot from the year prior and was a direct  reflection (*snicke