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The R&D Workshop No.8

Here we are again, taking another stab at a new approach to this part of my blog called The R&D Workshop. As I stated in the last update, No.7 , I don't plan on doing this weekly, though it would be nice to do so. I have plenty that I want to write beyond these Workshop updates, and sometimes time and consequence determine what we humans work on. That's not always bad, as there ARE other interests of mine. Plus, having a young family creates its own balance of rewards and challenges. Make lemonade with tomatoes, I say. This post focuses on some upgrades, improvements, and whatnot related to my writing and beyond. First! I started a Facebook page dedicated to my writing. You can find me at —come join me! Second! Yes, I did change up this place a little. The new site is "responsive," much more mobile friendly, and I think it looks so fetch. Plus, it's nice to change things up. Here's a picture I took on a recent, e

Draze Force: Analog Meets 8-Bit

For what now seems like a long time ago, I had the opportunity to receive a digital copy of Draze Force’s new EP, III , along with its accompanying cover art. Nick Morris, Draze Force's sole mastermind, graciously sent it to me back in May before its June 8th release. I've been mulling over a write-up on the blog ever since, taking stabs at a post along the way. It hasn't been until recently that I was able to start tightening things up to publish this post. As I wrote, Nick humored me by answering some questions. I could make the attempt of breaking down each song descriptively and relaying that to you readers here, but this is not that type of post. I feel that music is a far too personal experience; it’s an art to be heard, not read. What I do here is merely a supplement to what YOUR ears tell YOU. If I had to give you a simple description, how would I describe the music of Draze Force? The first word that pops into my mind is electronic. Realizing that descripti

The R&D Workshop No.7

A Renewed Sense Of Purpose? In a larger, macro sense, I DO understand what I'm trying to accomplish with The R&D Workshop, but in a smaller, micro sense, it's been tough for me to find a groove that seems fitting to me. When I say “smaller, micro sense,” I essentially mean the content that makes up each Workshop update. I like the overarching concept, which is basically updates on my works of passion and their related business, but it has felt like I've been missing something that I could never really wrap my mind around. Everything is a work in progress—some more than others. I do like the progress I've made from No.1 to No.6, however. One thing that has inspired me lately to take another look at how I approach The R&D Workshop is the concept of weeknotes. For those of you more hip to the vibrations flowing through the internet, this is not a new concept as I have read that this idea, or way of blogging, has been around since 2009. Many bloggers/newsletter