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Finding Zen With My Inter-Presence

In my last post, I commented on how there's been change afoot with my internet presence. A refreshening, reevaluating, reprioritizing, more words, even more words, to simplify and sharpen my focus when it comes to sites and activities I have on the internet. Also in my last post, I boldly stated (so bold!) this site would be my inter-hub, my go to. Did I just make up inter-hub? If only there was a universal knowledge repository to set me straight. It would be like a net that catches information, stores it in an internal system, and is easily accessible. I bet that could become a pretty popular and useful tool. * Well, if this is the hub, what's up with the spokes?* No patience with you... The spokes are anywhere I'm at on the internet that I choose to share publicly, or that I decide is worth sharing at all. They can range from social sites to sites I've created for music projects to sites where I'm selling rare vintage stuff that is both rare and vintage and

The Revelations of Electric Feast

I find it fitting that the post to end Electric Feast would have a title that matched its first post, The Genesis of Electric Feast. The end? Oh dear, what will we do with ourselves? The grief is too much!  Well, not exactly the end of the blog but the end of me using that name. Considering it's been a while since I've posted with any regularity, and most people will have never known it existed anyways, and there's only been one person who was concerned (or noticed) at all when I stopped posting initially, I wonder why you're so distraught. Revelations only works because of the Bible reference to Genesis, but I suppose I am revealing something. It's a bit of a revelation. No, I'm not religious in the least, but I'm still recovering and recovery is a lifelong process, a daily struggle. Perhaps you are wondering what is sarcasm and what isn't? It's probably safe to assume that I'm being an ass hat. *Snore* Alright, let's move on. Here&