The Revelations of Electric Feast

I find it fitting that the post to end Electric Feast would have a title that matched its first post, The Genesis of Electric Feast. The end? Oh dear, what will we do with ourselves? The grief is too much! Well, not exactly the end of the blog but the end of me using that name. Considering it's been a while since I've posted with any regularity, and most people will have never known it existed anyways, and there's only been one person who was concerned (or noticed) at all when I stopped posting initially, I wonder why you're so distraught.

Revelations only works because of the Bible reference to Genesis, but I suppose I am revealing something. It's a bit of a revelation. No, I'm not religious in the least, but I'm still recovering and recovery is a lifelong process, a daily struggle. Perhaps you are wondering what is sarcasm and what isn't? It's probably safe to assume that I'm being an ass hat. *Snore* Alright, let's move on.

Here's the low down as they say. I came up with what in 2009 was an original name. No one was using it at all. I hemmed a little and hawed a lot and never bought the domain. I never knew if I was actually going to do something meaningful with Electric Feast, and I already tended to enough other sites in relation to my music projects. Time continued on despite my pleading.

A couple of years ago, I was using the Google to search for Electric Feast as I was wondering if it was still available. Well, it wasn't. It is an entertainment/culture site that reviews TV, movies, music and more. Makes sense, right? I can't blame them for wanting to use the name. It seems appropriate. And since then, I've enjoyed hits on my Blogger site due to their presence. #I'll take your strays! Sure, I could buy the name with a different TLD, but that doesn't sound appealing to me. And it makes it look like I'm latching onto their success. Go ahead. I won't be mad if you check them out.

Since I discovered this "other site," I've thought about how I want to move forward. Not just for a personal blog, but also for my presence on the internet in general. (More on that in the next blog.) I wanted to come up with an "original" .com name that was relevant to the blog, and anyone who has tried to do so knows it's not easy. It's about as easy as coming up with a band name you like that isn't completely random, and even those completely random names are still used by someone in an almost equally random corner of the globe, and then being able to buy the domain for it. Did I mention it's not easy? But over that time I was struck with what may be the most obvious choice and in my opinion the best choice. There was still some hemming and hawing involved, but it felt that if there was any domain out there for me, it was this. It's original, unique, relevant, and has an available .com domain. I'm 99.9 to infinity % sure that I'm the only one on planet Earth with my name. I've looked. Oh yes, I do the Google on myself. Gross. And why else would someone want to buy the domain? Other than to spite you? I guess there's always that.

So there it is. A quick explanation to a question that you didn't even know was burning hot in your meat that thinks. This site will serve as my hub on the internet, my center to which all my internet activities will be linked, and a place for me to tell you about my important thoughts and life, for better or worse, until a coronal mass ejection from our sun renders human technology useless.

The next post will elaborate more on my future internet plans. Until then, stay hydrated.

*   *   *

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