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Not So New Resolutions For The New Year

Have you heard about New Year's resolutions enough yet? We all know it's going to come, and with the prevalence of social media, it gets blasted through the internet into everyone's feeds. The news and entertainment sites come up with an array of articles taking a look at this tired tradition. I, too, get sucked into an article here and there. Some people make their resolutions known to their friends and followers. According to articles in the digital abyss, I've heard that this is good or bad depending on what you're reading. One article says it's bad, because while the act of saying it out loud makes the person feel better about themselves, it actually only tricks the brain into thinking it has already accomplished the goal. With each repeat, the person is less likely to follow through. Another article says it's good, because the act of making it public keeps a person accountable. I would wager a guess that follow-through on a resolution probabl

What's In The Booth?

I'm still not sure, but I'm about as sure as I'll probably ever be. I've thought about it for many years, and I've had many design ideas as a result. In fact, last year alone, I had a few ideas I had thought through pretty far into the process. And, in the end, it all came down to the idea that I've executed. It's been a balancing act of going too far and not going far enough. Although it comes down to an opinion based on perspective, I think I made a pretty good decision. Last week, I constructed a basic sound-treated booth for recording. Though the primary inspiration for building it is for use in recording vocals, it can be used for anything that fits within it. I've known that I wanted something to use for recording this winter and delaying the building of a sound-treated booth would only kick the can further down the road. I'm good at that. You'll notice that I wrote "sound-treated booth" and not soundproof booth. Sound c


the research ✤ I've been re-thinking (for about the 3rd, 4th, or 5th time) the design of the "sound booth" I want to create for recording. If you religiously read my blog, you'll know about a major hiccup that occurred while building it in the fall of 2016. No problems with the booth itself but the lack of time to build it. I'm anxious to have a working booth this winter, so I'm re-evaluating my approach. In a perfect world, what I was building would be the best option. However, I don't live in that world. In the end, the new idea will be cheaper and easier to to build. Unfortunately, I'll have to take apart what I've already built. The nice thing about wood is that it can be reused. ( Update: You can read about the sound booth I built in the post, " What's In The Booth? " Pictures are included!) ✤ I'm currently reading a book called Justinian's Flea by William Rosen. It's not for research of anything in particula

New Site, Same Idiot

Well, hello! Things look, uh, different? The odd thing about it is that I really did kind of stumble into changing the website. I have the tendency to have ideas and then run with them and let them take over. If you'd like some background into my website creating addiction read " I Keep Getting Caught In The Web ." Sad thing about it all is that I did like what I had going before, and there were certain aspects I actually preferred from a design aesthetic. However, I do like what I've created, and I truly believe it's the way forward for me and my web presence. The design is in a style that I've wanted to explore for years. It's sparse, it's basic, it's to the point. Each page is also technically it's own website, which opens up many possibilities in the future. Too many? I like having options. The three main "pages" to the website all have the same theme and design. All of the sites that are attached to the main site (grahamsed