the research

✤ I've been re-thinking (for about the 3rd, 4th, or 5th time) the design of the "sound booth" I want to create for recording. If you religiously read my blog, you'll know about a major hiccup that occurred while building it in the fall of 2016. No problems with the booth itself but the lack of time to build it. I'm anxious to have a working booth this winter, so I'm re-evaluating my approach. In a perfect world, what I was building would be the best option. However, I don't live in that world. In the end, the new idea will be cheaper and easier to to build. Unfortunately, I'll have to take apart what I've already built. The nice thing about wood is that it can be reused. (Update: You can read about the sound booth I built in the post, "What's In The Booth?" Pictures are included!)

✤ I'm currently reading a book called Justinian's Flea by William Rosen. It's not for research of anything in particular, but gaining knowledge and understanding of history is good for the brain. A healthy, vibrant, and educated citizenry demands it! Also, lyrics. (Update: You can read the post I wrote about—but not exclusively about—this book. It's called "Justinian's Flea And Related Musings.")

✤ Lyrics. I've done a lot of writing over the last year for various reasons, the blog being the biggest reason. I've been mulling over a direction to go in with the Diads songs I need lyrics to. I'll probably start by looking over the snippets that I write and save for future expansion and also keep in mind the lyric topics already present in the other new songs.

the development

✤ I'm currently working on the third Diads release. Most of what I'm doing is mixing and putting together a track list. I'm evaluating what songs will need lyrics and where within each song they'll be, since they don't all have them yet. From my perspective, what I would like to see is this project being a nine song endeavor. With the time I have, this is completely doable. You can read about my progress at the Diads website under the label "blogging the album." (Update: This project has been temporarily put on hold for many reasons. You can still go to the website and get caught up on the posts describing what I worked on during that time period. I will notify everyone when this project starts back up.)

✤ I've done a very small amount of work on a theme song that I may be writing for a start-up, local fishing show. I know the guy behind it, and he's been enthusiastic to bring me onboard. We'll see what comes of that. The time frame is still pretty wide open. (Update: I've written and recorded the theme song, but I'm still chipping away at other music for this show as time allows, and time hasn't allowed for a lot of work. Project: Fishing Show is still in the "planning and assembling personnel phase.")

✤ Sedam Sound Studio/Graham Sedam Sound, formerly Graham Sedam Engineering & Production, is kind of a thing now. I don't expect it to become something I spend a lot of time on in the near term, and realistically, I don't have the resources of a full-scale operating studio. is partly in response to the theme song I was asked to think about and work on, to represent that side of my musical doings in general, and to leave the door open for my services to clients. I'm not actively pursuing it right now as much as being open to possibilities.

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