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New Posts To Consume Got Resolve? A New Year's Beginning Got Resolve? 2018 Goals Dissected I've published a few new posts so far this year, including the two linked above. They are related to resolutions and my commitment to both making and following through on them this year. I actually have never made New Year's Resolutions before that I can remember, at least like this, where I'm resolving to DO something as opposed to NOT doing something. Sure, I've made vague resolutions in the past that were as easily forgotten as they were made. Not this year. Maybe, perhaps, these goals are more meaningful, more accomplishable? One of my goals, and you'll have to read the second post for more information on it, is doing five minutes of karate daily. As far back as last fall, my wife and I thought it might be fun to watch The Karate Kid with our children. While watching a YouTube video that I was thinking about hyperlinking (and actually did) in the post mentione

Justinian's Flea And Related Musings

I did it. And, I did it sooner than I had expected. I wanted to finish the book I had been reading, Justinian's Flea , by the end of the year (2017). I finished it before Thanksgiving. This post isn't the first time I've mentioned this book, so read " Books, Life, and Punchlines " to get a little bit bigger of a picture about the book and my thoughts on it. * It took you all year to read this book? * Pretty much. If this is the first post of mine that you're reading and/or you haven't heard me mentioning this, here it goes. I actually read quite a bit. I just don't devour books. I'd love to be the kind of person that does, but I just never have been. Maybe someday. It's something I at least think about doing more of. So, in the meantime, I choose a book and then read it when I can. For the last two years or so, that time has been in the wee early hours of the morning before I head to my place of work. It's quiet, my family isn't