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A Book And Its Soundtrack

Submitted for your consideration is a (very) long excerpt from Tim Kress' novel,  Early Mourning . At a certain point in the story, the protagonist reads a book written by a new friend. This is that book. But first, a video for a song from the soundtrack to the novel, by Diads . This song goes with the chapter the excerpt comes from, and is called,  The Weeping Song . Early Mourning , and its soundtrack,  Early Mourning, a soundtrack to the novel by the same name  will be released on the same day, which happens to be the only—controllable—unknown thing about the project at this point. Check for news on the soundtrack, and look to for news on the novel. My Time In The Weeping Lands by Dudo-uh Stoneking Around the middle of the fourth century, C.E., the High Priest of all the Mayan people issued a proclamation stating that any commoners caught using magic would be sent to their underworld, Xibalba , via the most gr