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My Wife Is Psyched About Her Alias

I'm not going to say that two people in a relationship have to like all of the same movies and TV shows, but preferences can say a lot about a person without actually saying much. A picture is worth a thousand words, I've heard. Well, do moving pictures equal more? There's obviously a lot more that goes into any one relationship and that was certainly the case with us. The first two shows my wife and I watched together when we started "dating" were Psych and Alias . I say "dating" with quotes because we never dated as much as we were just not married yet. I didn't know anything about the TV show Psych , and I knew very little about Alias going into it. What those shows ultimately showed me was that I could sit on the couch each night watching TV with this person and have a great time. And, somewhat oddly, it helped us to get to know each other better. Events and dialogue in a show or movie can spur dialogue amongst its viewers. And more

My 2016 Watchlist

About half-way through last year, I decided to start tracking the TV shows and movies I watched for the year. I thought it might make for an interesting post, maybe not. In the least, I thought it was something that could be interesting for myself to see. Starting it half-way through the year means I might have forgotten about some of what I had watched. I believe I captured most of it, if not all. Around September, I started thinking about how dull a list of things I've watched probably was. Perhaps, it was my brain trying to ask me if I really wanted to know. A person can't always justify everything they watch. It won't all be the best that screens have to offer. And that's when I decided that a better route might be a post consisting of what I thought were the best things I watched through the year, the most noteworthy. But, then I looked at my list at year-end and thought that there was not very much at all on it. I'm pretty sure that of all of my TV


the research & the development ✤ Diads 3 I'm still working on the third Diads release. What I'm currently focused on is recording vocals and writing lyrics. Recording vocals has been the emphasis lately, because I want to get back into the process and exercise my voice. Lyrics have been coming a little slower but are keeping pace and haven't held me up yet. These activities will be my focus on this project until those parts are complete. I'll be making rough mixes along the way to show and request feedback from my bandmate. You can read more about my progress on the album at the  Diads website  under the label "blogging the album." ( Update:  This album and corresponding blog posts have been put on hold indefinitely because of the bullet point below. When work resumes, it will be in conjunction with other music projects. I will keep you all up to date in future R&D Workshop posts.) ✤ Project: Fishing Show  Graham Sedam Sound My role as a t