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Diads 3
I'm still working on the third Diads release. What I'm currently focused on is recording vocals and writing lyrics. Recording vocals has been the emphasis lately, because I want to get back into the process and exercise my voice. Lyrics have been coming a little slower but are keeping pace and haven't held me up yet. These activities will be my focus on this project until those parts are complete. I'll be making rough mixes along the way to show and request feedback from my bandmate. You can read more about my progress on the album at the Diads website under the label "blogging the album." (Update: This album and corresponding blog posts have been put on hold indefinitely because of the bullet point below. When work resumes, it will be in conjunction with other music projects. I will keep you all up to date in future R&D Workshop posts.)

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Project: Fishing Show Graham Sedam Sound
My role as a theme song creator for a start-up, local fishing show has been expanded to providing all music for the show. I've presented four rough ideas to the client so far. Even though we had previously discussed style and concept of the show and the music, until something was actually recorded and presented for consideration, talk wasn't necessarily progress. The client likes the ideas I have fermenting! I will need to continue moving forward at a decent pace considering music may need to start being completed as early as May. Just recently, I had a conference call with the client and his video editor. Positive vibes and big plans. I'm excited and nervous. (Update: I've written and recorded the theme song, but I'm still chipping away at other music for this show as time allows, and time hasn't allowed for a lot of work. Project: Fishing Show is still in the "planning and assembling personnel phase.")

Project: Fishing Show (It's business time.)
Since writing music for a TV show is new to me, I've slowly started educating myself about royalties and other business related activities. I should try and increase those efforts this month. It should go without saying, perhaps, that I've also been checking out clips of fishing shows to acclimate myself with the "competition." The client has suggested a couple of shows in particular, because he likes the style of the show and how it flows. (Update: Since this project is moving slowly, I've since refocused my resources, time mostly, on other projects and endeavors. When things pick up, I'll no doubt have to tackle more of these types of things in regards to this project.

Sedam Sound Studio Upgrade
If you didn't catch it already, I've built the sound booth I talked about in the last R&D update. Read about it and see pictures at my blog under the post, "What's In The Booth?"

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