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Time For A Break

I wasn't sure what to expect from myself when I decided to start up my blog again. Would I be able to come up with enough things to write about? Would I be able to keep up with my desired pace of one post per week? I believe I have found my answer to that. Starting at the end of May, I've since wrote twenty-nine posts including this one. (That makes fifty-one total posts if you count the ones I wrote under the blog title Electric Feast.) Some are shorter, but for the most part, the posts are pretty meaty. After plenty of thought, I have decided the best thing for the blog and myself would be to take a break. This doesn't mean I've stopped or will stop working on it. What it means is the blog isn't the only creative outlet I have, and I need to transfer some of that mojo into other projects. I need that for me. I also want to make sure that I can sustain the blog going forward and that means it can't always be a full-time, never-breaking endeavor. I don

Sump Chump: Part Three

This post will make more sense and be more enjoyable if you read Part One and Part Two first. Part Two left off with the reconstruction project manager not being able to contact the carpet guy who seemed to have fallen through a crack in spacetime ... I was working overtime Monday through Wednesday the week of Thanksgiving and that made the "getting things done" time frame even tighter. No matter what, Thanksgiving was going to happen. So, we had to have a backup plan in case the carpet didn't get done in time. The backup plan ended up being moving the items from the main floor to the basement on the un-carpeted floor. Our project manager wasn't able to get a hold of the carpet guy all day Tuesday. I was starting to doubt that we'd have it done the next day, but I was hopeful. The next morning, Wednesday, I hadn't heard anything so I called him at nine-fifteen. He hadn't heard back either and told me he was going to go to the guy's house

Sump Chump: Part Two

Read Sump Chump: Part One  first, if you haven't done so. Picking up where I left off... We had decided to get insurance involved and also a company or companies to come and tear out the old and put in the new. We went through the insurance company's recommended mitigation company to get things started. A crew of two was able to get to our house around four-thirty that afternoon and got to work on assessing the situation. Not before long, they were tearing out the carpet, padding, and trim. My wife and I were busy trying to watch the kids and haul the rest of what we had in the basement out. We hadn't been home for long before they arrived, but we at least had a head start moving items out of the basement. The garage continued filling up, and we were putting some stuff in the kitchen and dining room as well. To make things much easier at the time and also later, I kept the brains to my studio wired together. I was able to slide my studio desk along the carp