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Doctor Strange A few weeks ago, my family watched Doctor Strange . Once again, my daughter wanted to but my older son didn't. Considering that my wife and I wanted to watch Doctor Strange , that is what we did in fact watch. I came into this movie not knowing anything about this Marvel superhero. I've never been a "comic book guy," but I have always enjoyed watching superhero movies. To my knowledge, this movie is a first for the character, Dr. Stephen Strange. I look forward to the movies that we all know will obviously come. Make ONE movie and no sequels? I just fell out of my chair laughing. This is the reality we live in, and it's hard to argue with a good thing (until it's no longer a good thing). What I liked most about the movie and it's main character is the "mental ability" aspects of it. A lot (or most, in the least) of superheroes seem to have some form of physical strength as the basis for their super-ness. Sure, Dr. Strange has