Doctor Strange

A few weeks ago, my family watched Doctor Strange. Once again, my daughter wanted to but my older son didn't. Considering that my wife and I wanted to watch Doctor Strange, that is what we did in fact watch. I came into this movie not knowing anything about this Marvel superhero. I've never been a "comic book guy," but I have always enjoyed watching superhero movies. To my knowledge, this movie is a first for the character, Dr. Stephen Strange. I look forward to the movies that we all know will obviously come. Make ONE movie and no sequels? I just fell out of my chair laughing. This is the reality we live in, and it's hard to argue with a good thing (until it's no longer a good thing).

What I liked most about the movie and it's main character is the "mental ability" aspects of it. A lot (or most, in the least) of superheroes seem to have some form of physical strength as the basis for their super-ness. Sure, Dr. Strange has the Cloak of Levitation and a Sling Ring, but his powers have come through education and, in turn, through the will of his mind. Plus, it deals with dimensions and worlds and science and many things that can be debunked but no less interesting to me. It felt like a different kind of superhero movie all of the way through. Sure, there were action scenes and a love interest, but come on, do you actually expect them to... There I go again, falling out of my chair laughing.

Check out this clip from the movie. Spoilers, kind of, it's a clip FROM THE MOVIE after all. Email assassins. Assassin this.

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The Tiny Rant (About Blogger And The Way Forward)

I have had to go back and "re-do" two different blog posts. Fortunately, I subscribe to my own blog. That may seem weird, but it makes sense if you think about it. I was able to save myself a lot of work having a copy of the finished post sitting in my inbox, even though it's still actually a lot of work to restore it. Yes, I published both posts. They were up and accessible to the public. They then went missing from the internet and reverted to a previously saved, unfinished version of themselves. Frustration ensued, both times. Why was it happening!?

Well, I figured it out the second time a post disappeared. The fault was in the Official Blogger App I was using. The point of the app on my phone was to make writing easier, and for a while, it did. However, the app didn't always like to update with what was on the server. You'd think there'd be a timestamp to solve that problem, and even if there was, it didn't work. When the app was opened, it updated the server with what was currently sitting in the app. That meant, as you might already understand, the unfinished post unpublished the finished post and updated to the outdated version. Minutes after I figured this out, the app was mercilessly eradicated.

Will I use another Blogger app from a third party? I don't know. When I'm mobile, I think I'll stick with a Google Doc for now and call it good. Or, I'll write them in Google Keep, which I've actually been using a fair amount lately. I'll have to fix the code when I copy/paste, but lately, I've had to do that anyway. Blogger is free (which is part of the problem, ironically) and fairly easy to use and I'm already using it. But... I've been getting even curious-er about WordPress than I was before. It could totally be a grass is greener scenario or a sparkly mirage in the distance that is slowly ruined by a hot, unforgiving desert. Also, I'm a little intimidated by learning WordPress, mostly when it comes to how much time it may consume. I'm already fighting for time as it is, and as much as I like to play with websites, I'd like to get a lot of other things accomplished this winter, namely music.

I know I'll want to get back into having someone host instead of going the free with ads route when it comes to WordPress. That route would give me the most flexibility and autonomy. Also, while I was at it, I'd move all of my domains to another registrar, the same company I would have host my sites. So, as you can see, heading in that direction would be somewhat time consuming and, to make it mostly seamless, would require plenty of planning. Either way, I know that change is coming, and when it does, I will be going through Iceberg Web Design for my needs.

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Picture This

Back in January, I drew a couple of pictures for the heck of it. While I've never thought I was terrible at drawing, it's never been something I've been driven to do regularly. Regardless, once in a great while there comes a need or drive to do so. Do I have something I want to build? Draw it out first. Website or logo design idea? Draw it out. You name it, I'll attempt to sketch it out.

Earlier this year, I was inspired to draw a couple of pictures. I've thought about posting it on my blog ever since, but it never seemed right, since my blog up to that point had been (by design) just words. Plus, posting pictures I've drawn wasn't something I was going to necessarily make a habit of.

Now that I have expanded my blog's purpose and have introduced three separate "features," I feel like I've created a space that allows me to do more and try things. This may or may not make sense to you, but it does to me. (These features are always a work in progress as to their purpose and to what truly separates them.) Posting these horrible pictures might be a horrible idea. My wife says I should call them comics. 

If I continue to do these picture things, I'm going to figure out a way to make them look better on the computer screen.

Here's the first one that I've appropriately entitled, "Hungry Kids Find Food In All Of The Places: Are You Going To Eat That?"

Click on the image to make it bigger.

kids, family, drawing, boogers

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Shine That Spotlight, You Crazy Diamond

Carissa Nielsen is the person I'd like to share with you in this issue of THE NOT SO DAILY DUMP. Carissa has a photography business, Photograph Minnesota, and does awesome work! She was the photographer for my wedding and did family/engagement pictures for us as well. And what could possibly be better than her eye for photography? Her personality, perhaps. She's a lot of fun to to work with!

Give her work a look, and if you're in the area, do more than consider her for your next shoot.

*   *   *

The Paradox of Choice

Sometime in the last couple of years, I heard about a TED Talk given by Barry Schwartz through the TED Radio Hour on NPR. (The TED Radio Hour plays excerpts from talks and also interviews the person that gave the talk. Similarly themed talks are highlighted through the show.) The idea he presents is that having too much choice is actually a bad thing. It can be debilitating. I would have to say that I agree from experience.

Rather than try to start rehashing his talk here, give it a watch. Email clubbers, point and click.

*   *   *

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