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Let's Go For A Walk

Let's go for a walk, my wife says. It'll be good for us, my wife says. The kids will go to sleep better tonight, my wife says. We could use the exercise, my wife says. It'd be a great "family thing" to do, my wife says. While I do like to go for a stroll through the neighborhood on a summer evening, it's never a peaceful and relaxing experience like one might think it would or should be. It starts out innocent and ends in frustration. It still is, however, exercise. It may, in fact, help the kids go to sleep. The jury in my head is undecided about that one. We might need a panel of scientists to concur. My older kids are going to want to ride their bikes. Sure, why not? Walking is kinda boring for a kid. They want to get out and spin their wheels, creep through the hood, and whatnot. Sounds innocent enough. Well, before too long (immediately) my daughter is 100 yards ahead of us and my oldest son is 100 yards behind. She wants to go, and he's too

Breaking Bad, Again?

I won't be giving any spoilers, and I'm going to be as vague as I can and still share my thoughts. If you've seen the series, Breaking Bad , you'll understand what I'm talking about. Have you heard the news? I haven't heard a lot about it. I've read one article about it. Apparently, Vince Gilligan , the show's creator, says that what we thought happened in the last episode didn't quite end how we thought it did. I suppose there was no absolute proof, only an assumption that the path we were lead down had an obvious conclusion. As far as I know, every fan was okay with that. It was fitting. It felt right. I would put Breaking Bad in my very undefined top ten favorite shows of all time. (LOST being number one. Peace be upon it.) The show had a very clear focus on what it was about and what it aimed to do, and it was still unpredictable and edgy. There is a lot of praise out there for this show and for Bryan Cranston, so I'll spare the ch

My Kids Are No Saints

On June 26th, my family and I went to a baseball game. There's a minor league team, called the St. Paul Saints that plays in the area. They just built a new stadium last year in St. Paul's downtown by the Mississippi River. I'd heard it was really nice, and I'd have to agree. The stadium is currently in its second year of operation. Cool fact: The field was built into the ground, below street level. It should come with no surprise that we are going to this game because it's a "Girl Scouts Night" game. Before the game, the girls get to do activities on the field and then parade around the field before the game for the fans. I think that last part is extremely strange, but there are many things in our culture I'll never understand. It's the sociologist in me. The girls will also be on the field for the national anthem and then be escorted to their families. Since I work on Sundays, I had to take four hours of vacation. Getting off any ear

Strapped With Strep

The night of Father's Day, I went to bed with some chills. * Were they electrifying?* They were multiplying. * Did you lose control?* I woke up the next day feeling horrible and had to call in to work. I was planning to work overtime that day but figured I'd be better off staying home to recoup, so I could work overtime the next day. I hated being unproductive and thinking of all the things I could be accomplishing. What's worse is I felt too crappy to even watch TV. I didn't want to keep my eyes open, but it was hard to get good sleep. When I wasn't getting better at the end of the day, I knew I wouldn't be able to work overtime the next day. I also missed the kids' softball practice that night. After I woke the next morning with a newly sore throat, my wife made an appointment for me at 10:20 am. Short story longer, I had strep throat . So to the pharmacy we went, and I took my first amoxicillin pill around noon. Shortly after, I sat down for