Strapped With Strep

The night of Father's Day, I went to bed with some chills. *Were they electrifying?* They were multiplying. *Did you lose control?* I woke up the next day feeling horrible and had to call in to work. I was planning to work overtime that day but figured I'd be better off staying home to recoup, so I could work overtime the next day. I hated being unproductive and thinking of all the things I could be accomplishing. What's worse is I felt too crappy to even watch TV. I didn't want to keep my eyes open, but it was hard to get good sleep.

When I wasn't getting better at the end of the day, I knew I wouldn't be able to work overtime the next day. I also missed the kids' softball practice that night. After I woke the next morning with a newly sore throat, my wife made an appointment for me at 10:20 am. Short story longer, I had strep throat. So to the pharmacy we went, and I took my first amoxicillin pill around noon.

Shortly after, I sat down for the best sleep I'd gotten in two days. For some reason, I had better luck sleeping sitting up, and it was in my office chair that I slept for those three hours. Lying down left me restless since my muscles and joints were sore---a symptom or side effect of strep in adults. Over my clothes, I was wearing a thick robe that aided in my very sweaty sleep. My fever broke, I slept pretty solidly, and I was on my way to good health.

It still took a while to get back to normal. I missed the kids' softball game that night, a double header, but I was able to watch TV (I finished watching the first season of the "Documentary Now!" series on Netflix.) and eat a Sloppy Joe for dinner, and that was huge as far as my food consumption had been. I was tired and weak, but in comparison to how I felt that morning, I was feeling great.

I wasn't going in for overtime on Wednesday since we had a prior, unrelated-to-strep appointment. I woke up feeling much better but still a little run down. I knew that I would have no problem working overtime Thursday, so I had to make the best of the day and make up for the last two. I got a lot done even though I should have been taking it easy, and that made me very happy. Feeling better was pretty great, too.

I have to mention that my wife did great without me as I was little help. I didn't need to be taken care of, but with three kids, she had her hands full.

Here are a few things this experience taught me:
1. Don't lick doorknobs and handrails.
2. I don't need to eat as much as I normally do. I basically ate nothing for almost two days, and I'm still alive.
3. Strep hits you harder the older you get. I hope I don't get this in twenty years if this is how it feels at thirty-seven.

*   *   *

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