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The R&D Workshop No.5

✤ Intro In the last update, I stated I would get into certain things. Why? I don't know. Because this is what I do. I do things and tell you about it. I also do plenty of writing about what I'd like to do, but we won't go there. So, what's going on? ✤ The site linked above serves as a one-stop-shop for my dealings with the audio, the musical, and the general sonic world—otherwise collectively known as sound. The site may not be as comprehensive as it could be, and it is sure to evolve and change as the future becomes the present, but that is its mission. Sedam Sound Studio is a place. It's currently and maybe forever my home studio. Graham Sedam Sound is the title to which I attribute my dealings with others that take advantage of my sound services, for example, if I write music for a show or mix someone's album. I may add a place on the site to showcase clients. I suppose it mostly depends upon how the client

Kiss My Grass, Part 3: The Trees Have Eyes

Read Part 1: The Beginning Read Part 2: Speak To The Trees Picking up where I left off in Part Two, we were on a self-described and self-directed three-year tree plan. The business of removing and trimming trees is not cheap. I didn't want it to take ten years to accomplish. I wanted to move on to other improvements and expenses. Three years worked out for us and kept the expense pretty consistent from year to year. Plus, I wanted to have it done before I started modifying the yard with landscaping or structures. I DO have a plan even if the plan gets changed a bit over time. Our remaining five trees were in need of some attention. They weren't unhealthy, but our reasoning went beyond aesthetics. It's never a bad idea to remove dead or damaged limbs before they remove themselves. When trees are in close proximity, they can crowd each other and cause parts of the tree to become a dead-zone or cause the tree to lean as it grows. There are many reasons to trim a tre

The R&D Workshop No.4

✤ Intro It's been a while since I've written one of these updates (April). Mostly, there hasn't been too much to update anyone on. Those of you who are in the category of being interested in knowing, that is. But, here we are already in October, and it's hard to believe that I'm not at least a little further along than I am. Even when I try to be realistic with my expectations of productivity, things work out in a way that still makes it hard to accomplish realistic expectations. The more I lower my expectations, the less I accomplish. Perhaps, I should be doing the opposite? I have no doubt that what I wanted to accomplish by the end of September will take until the end of October and so forth. I've been trying to put a positive spin on it and remember that last year at this time I wasn't able to do much of anything. Those familiar with the series, " Sump Chump ," will immediately understand. Still, that was then and this is now, and I'