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Ready Player One For those of you familiar with my Notes, which I’ll get to in the next section, you’ll know that in the somewhat distant past, my family and I watched a movie called Ready Player One . We all, except The Toddler, really liked this flick. The Toddler had plenty of moments where he stared at the TV like the rest of us, but he can be a pain once he’s determined that he wants to watch something else. From start to finish, it took us three nights spread out over a week. That is NOT my ideal way of watching a movie, but hey, family life. If you don’t already know, this film takes place in a fictional dystopian-like future where escapism into a virtual reality-style video game is the norm. Here, people would rather spend most of their lives as an avatar than to live their lives in the flesh. Things happen, bad people need to be stopped, and the good guys win. Escapism comes in many forms in our world, and this film does a good job touching upon its benefits and its dow