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The Genesis of Electric Feast

I've wanted to blog for some time now and really, I don't know why I haven't. Time, though an irrelevant construct of humans, is a precious thing. I don't have to wonder where all the time has went because I know. Time moves slowly when there is nothing to fill it with and that is never a problem for me. I have many interests, all of which at some point in time I probably considered doing as a career. A difficult task as one might imagine. Nonetheless, these interests are still very present in my life, making each day an adventure. With Electric Feast I hope to share with you my thoughts and interests - the stuff that makes me, well, me. I came up with the name Electric Feast on a whim after my landlord finished an electrical upgrade at my house. More outlets (from 2 to 10!) and more juice in the breaker box allowed me to continue with the upgrade I have been working on for my studio and office. The day he was done I proclaimed, "It's an electric fea