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Well, hello! Things look, uh, different? The odd thing about it is that I really did kind of stumble into changing the website. I have the tendency to have ideas and then run with them and let them take over. If you'd like some background into my website creating addiction read "I Keep Getting Caught In The Web." Sad thing about it all is that I did like what I had going before, and there were certain aspects I actually preferred from a design aesthetic. However, I do like what I've created, and I truly believe it's the way forward for me and my web presence.

The design is in a style that I've wanted to explore for years. It's sparse, it's basic, it's to the point. Each page is also technically it's own website, which opens up many possibilities in the future. Too many? I like having options. The three main "pages" to the website all have the same theme and design. All of the sites that are attached to the main site ( subdomains) share the same theme but are designed to suit that particular page's needs and uses.

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*Is doing things this way a lot of extra work?*

Yes and no. Technology is great and provides shortcuts and other conveniences. It does take a little longer to build out, but the designing-and-planning-it-as-I-go aspect is a bigger time draw. Plus, and this is huge, I've been learning new things about Blogger. I never thought I would be able to or have the desire to transform a Blogger page like I have. My Blogger XP has doubled, at least. There are a lot of good, free resources on the internet. Couple that with the novice coding skills I already had and it's kismet.

*Is this why we've not seen a post in a while, jerk?*

No. I actually never intended to redo the website this winter and certainly not to this extent. The possibility of me having the itch always exists. I actually updated the music page and also created a home page on the old, original site before I started down the path of the new collection of associated sites. I wouldn't have done that if I saw a complete overhaul coming.

My reasons for a break from blogging were already discussed in "Time For A Break." There are plenty of other doings and goings-on that pulled me from the blog. What really spurred the runaway snowball was the creation of a standalone site, a subdomain of, for my studio/audio services. What spurred that is for another post in the future. I really liked what I came up with for the design and content. I had a simple goal in mind before I created it, and I didn't stray from that with the execution. Essentially, it's an online business card. That was my vision. But, it got my mind thinking about the bigger picture, and that ultimately led to where my websites are now.

The websites I maintain for my music projects are entities unto themselves and each have their own universe to exist in. What I've done is basically expand the Graham Sedam universe and made it more interconnected, wormholes and all. Yay, me! *You're an idiot.* Thanks.

IMPORTANT: The results of the work I've done and the path I've decided to take forward means old links will be broken. The blog was at that address. Now if you go to that, it will lead you to a home page. The blog now resides at and the posts will now have this in their link address. I've had to do the work of fixing all links to my posts within my posts to remedy this. I am currently working on fixing these at social sites, though not all links may be changeable. The path I've taken may have started as a whim but ended in a fury. 

blog, Minnesota, website design, idiot
Is what I did completely necessary? I would argue that an overwhelming majority of what all humans do isn't necessary, but we still do it. It makes us human and not robots. I'm following my ambitions, passion, and seeing where it leads. How can that be a waste? I'm having fun and being a positive example by going after what I want in life.

The one thing I never wanted to do with the blog is make any topic or post I want to write about off limits. It had to be me in its messy fullest. I had to be able to write what came to my mind as fast as I could type. To help facilitate this in my own way, I've split my one blog up into three different features: My Thoughts. My Life., The R&D Workshop, and THE NOT SO DAILY DUMP. While these features are not separate sites, I've "labeled" them in a way that makes it easy for a reader to only see one of those features at a time. While it's easiest to see those labels and more while viewing the web version of my blog site, my plan is to make it just as easy for mobile, which may turn into me refreshing the site AGAIN. Or, you can just browse my blog in the chronological order those features/posts are published in.

The feature, My Thoughts. My Life., is essentially any post I write that isn't labeled as the other two. However, these tend to either be longer (or shorter) posts that focus on things such as a specific event or topic OR meanders in thought from metaphorical Point A to Point B, whatever that means.

The vague concept behind The R&D Workshop has been floating around since a little after I re-started blogging. I wanted to have a place that focused on updates to projects I've done, am doing, and plan to do. It will take some time to shape it into what I want it to be, but one must start somewhere to go elsewhere, right?

THE NOT SO DAILY DUMP will be a bit of a variety page. I hope to capture my smaller tidbits of thought in this feature as well as share with my readers other things that may interest them. As with The R&D Workshop, it will be a work in progress, and I enjoy the possibilities that will come with those "new spots of land to explore."

Will it last? I don't know. It WILL evolve; everything does. Either way, I've settled on these changes as the way forward. You'll have to stay engaged to see what I mean. I appreciate the time you take to read my posts, reader. Have fun exploring.

*You're still an an idiot.*


*   *   *

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