Finding Zen With My Inter-Presence

In my last post, I commented on how there's been change afoot with my internet presence. A refreshening, reevaluating, reprioritizing, more words, even more words, to simplify and sharpen my focus when it comes to sites and activities I have on the internet. Also in my last post, I boldly stated (so bold!) this site would be my inter-hub, my go to. Did I just make up inter-hub? If only there was a universal knowledge repository to set me straight. It would be like a net that catches information, stores it in an internal system, and is easily accessible. I bet that could become a pretty popular and useful tool. *Well, if this is the hub, what's up with the spokes?* No patience with you...

The spokes are anywhere I'm at on the internet that I choose to share publicly, or that I decide is worth sharing at all. They can range from social sites to sites I've created for music projects to sites where I'm selling rare vintage stuff that is both rare and vintage and is also stuff. Does this mean I'll link my personal Facebook profile and be everyone's friend? Maybe, maybe not. I decide, sucka. All of my (Blogger) sites are integrated with Google+ (and other Google products). It's an option and makes complete sense when it works. Suspicious or just confused? Not sure what this means to you? First, trust me without question. And second, if you don't know, then it probably doesn't matter. Just know that the idea is to streamline, and it's welcome when it's possible.

What this also means is my attention will be focused on (other than my sites) the three pillar social sites: Facebook, Google+, and Twitter (and YouTube, which is essentially an extension of G+ and blogger and the whole pantheon of Google products. Gooooooo Google!). There are too many sites out there to participate in, and it's futile to try. Any other social sites I have a profile on, which are only music related, will either go away over time on its own (thanks, iLike), go away because I delete it (MySpace, perhaps?), or will just stay as is (ReverbNation - update occasionally?). It's about focus and the quality that comes with it, but don't expect quality. The disappointment may tear you up inside. As the years pass, some new start-up may come about and be all the rage. I'll cross that stinky, excrement-filled moat when I get to it. Oh, and I can't forget Bandcamp. That's where I officially house and sell my music and music related wares (except there are no wares, but if I had wares that's where the wares would be). So, as you see, the list can get out of hand. Need. To. Simplify. (Zen)

What this also, also means is that my old musical hub,, is no more. Everything BRM is on a slow dive. I've let the domain expire, and the site has been taken down. Overtime, the few social sites BRM is on will be deleted. The intent and enthusiasm for what that was has gone. And even though a large majority of the effort that went into BRM wouldn't be noticeable to the public at large, there was a lot of time spent behind the scenes. It very quickly turned into something in itself and became a distraction from the very thing it was supposed to support---my music projects. Content is key with any site or music project or anything, and being stretched thin doesn't make it easy. In the end, BRM didn't really add much value to my life or my music. Sure, I learned lessons and gained knowledge along the way, but those lessons and learnings brought me to the decisions I've made and am making now. Don't get me wrong. A sizable part of me is deeply saddened by this, but I know that it's the right way to go. Things cha-cha-cha-cha-cha-change. Turn and face the strain/strange (?).

*Wow, you are so important! Tell us more about this drivel! Don't you feel a bit full of yourself?*

Nowadays, everything we do is important, and it's not just me. I'm barely a whisper at a rock show that is way over capacity and way too loud. Sharing with others can become overkill and that line is drawn in different places on different surfaces for everyone. I'm not going to toe everyone's line. Sharing is important. Without sharing there are no connections being made, no entertainment, no progress, and no bonding in general amongst people. Sharing is a part of being human, and it's what has helped to advance us to today. If you take all the people you know and think about how likely you would stay in touch or know anything about their lives without the internet or technology in general, you'll see that the times we live in are pretty remarkable. The connections we make and maintain are as plentiful and vibrant as we make them. We choose. The choice is always ours. And if you don't want to know, don't want to be shared with, tune out. It's just that easy.

Keep in mind that I am always reluctant to share on the internet or otherwise. I know there are plenty of people who are waiting to tear down another person. It makes them feel better about themselves. Maybe it's all they have. And whether it's done on the internet or amongst friends in privacy unbeknownst to me, I know it will happen. It has happened in my presence, as I'm sure it's happened to you, and it's sad how sly those clever buggers think they are. But, I'd rather do something I want to do and be criticized than do nothing. It's easy to sit back and tell other people how to live, what to do. The hard part is being your self and living up to your convictions, your visions.

*Do you think anyone will care about the blog?* 

Honestly, I don't know and that's okay. I'm going to think as little about that as I can. I've learned that caring about what others think can be the death to art, free thought, experimentation, expression, and the like. And that's a lot different than being open minded, respecting others opinions, and truly listening to what they have to say. It doesn't mean closing everyone out or letting everyone decide for you. I started the blog a while ago, and it turned into something I didn't feel like doing at the time. For various reasons, I decided to start it back up and refresh it. My approach will be different, and most importantly, I want it to be something I enjoy doing and that's what ultimately matters. I've learned this important lesson from the years I've spent doing music, and I'm carrying it over into this blog.  It's about what I get out of it first, and the reader comes second, even if no one reads it. People care most about their own life, and I'm no different. I'm going to share my thoughts and my life. What I feel like sharing, at least. Are these dick-head, whiny things to say? Maybe to some, but that's not my intent. I don't look for sympathy, and I don't fish for compliments. I'm just being real, yo.

So, here's to simplification (or complication). Paring down (or adding to). Refocusing on what's important to me (or becoming more distracted by another thing) other than my people and our experiences together. On this episode of Tiny House Nation...

*   *   *

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