Jesus Was A Socialist

Yes, you read that right and I challenge anyone to disprove it. I find it difficult to imagine the iconic figure that is Jesus would be of a particular political party but a philosophy is different. Although I don't subscribe to any religion in my adulthood, I grew up Catholic so I do have background on the matter. Where am I going with this you may wonder? Well, with the current health care debate in the U.S. and the much heated 'town halls' this August, I started to connect some dots. Though not new 'revelations' to me, they strike me as reoccurring time and again. There is way too much that can be said on this vast subject so I will try to keep it to the point and leave the rest for possible future posts.

Keep in mind I am not demonizing a particular sect over another (and I have good health care through my employer). I am a 'free agent' when it comes to religious and spiritual matters and I keep an open mind and respect others beliefs. I believe life is a journey and not a destination and enjoy the vastness that is, to learn and grow as a person. I am me and that's all I can be. What makes the most sense for myself, others and the world is where I am biased. I also do not believe 100% in Capitalism or Socialism. I think a blend of both is most beneficial. It is not the philosophy that fails us but those with the responsibility to carry it out. Campaign contributions, ability to get re-elected, politics as usual or any other reason are not acceptable. Ultimately, we are all responsible to make life work.

Can you imagine Jesus being a Capitalist? The one who flipped out at money changers in the temple, his father's house? And what about another line in the Bible, whenever people meet in my name, I am there (in a sense - a church is not a building, but a state of mind) . Of course I am paraphrasing, but if that gets you upset you are missing the point - completely. Christianity comes in all shapes but the goal of them all is to represent Jesus in the way they believe is the correct way. That's what Christian means - to be 'Christ like'.

Many in the U.S. see the country as a Christian nation and for the most part it is. We have many cultures and religions represented here but a majority are Christian based. Do some in-depth research on the beliefs of the Founding Fathers and the beginnings of this country and you may be surprised at what you find. For example: learn about Benjamin Franklin, read Thomas Jefferson's Bible etc. The Quran that Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison swore the oath of office on... owned by Thomas Jefferson. I am proud he represents my district. We need diverse backgrounds brought to the conversation. Remember, Jesus was inclusive to all not exclusive to those who are different or inconvenient.

Now, let's get back to health care. What Would Jesus Do? Would he shout down the public option? Would he bring guns to rallies to show force? Would he fear Socialism as the end of a country? Would he believe Capitalism is the one and only philosophy in which to order our lives? Would he care for the sick, feed the poor or comfort the distraught? Is the religion or the church you belong to (if you do) a Capitalist or Socialist church? Do they make money by providing you a service or do they collect money to help others (and not just themselves)? If you subscribe to Christianity, then I am asking you to ask yourself. If you don't subscribe, what are your inner thoughts? A country that calls itself a Christian nation and those who are Christian as well should strive to be 'Christ like'. If not, you are not. It's as simple as that.

Many people are fearful of the health care debate going on - insurance companies, politicians, citizens. Anger and hatred are being given away like a moldy piece of bread. Where is this coming from? End of life planning being sold by one side as death panels? Now people will not have that benefit because of fearful politicians reacting to the fear of misguided citizens. What about the guy that stood up and shouted he didn't want the government going social and taking his medicare away - which is socialized health care run by the government? Tax paying citizens pay for medicare and ultimately it works. The reason it will go broke in the near future is because of the increasing costs in health care and that there is a 'bubble' in the system (the same bubble that is an issue with Social Security (other than congress using the SS money for other things)) - the baby boomers. When you have the same amount of or less people paying for a group of people that is growing larger in number and more expensive per person, money will get tighter and essentially 'run out'. It's math not policy or philosophy. By fixing health care we can fix this issue with medicare.

If the U.S. was #1 in the world when it comes to health care, I could understand the pitchforks and torches a little more. In reality, we pay the most for health care in the world but we do not receive the best care and it will only get worse with time. I find it interesting that with all the 'town hall' debates, politicians, and pundits that I have watched, they all point to Canada and Britain saying -"See, see!!! Look at that mess!" They never point to France, which is #1 in health care, and say anything about their hybrid capital/socialistic system. How convenient. I guess some people will always eat Freedom Fries.

Though I hardly believe these subjects and how they are intertwined can be done justice in a blog post rather than a book or a dedicated blog, I have made an attempt to share some thoughts and some truths.

Misinformation rules. Fear is ultimate power.
Give them nothing!

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