This summer, my wife and I started watching a show called Veep. It's a comedic, political show on HBO that we've very much enjoyed. We've made it through all six seasons that are currently available, and now, we're left waiting for the seventh season scheduled to air in 2018. (Rumored to be its last.)

There's much to be said about the show. One thing that helped us catch all of the fast, witty, smart ass, and asshole-ish dialogue is subtitles. The dialogue can move pretty fast at times. It's a show that's always amusing, and at times, laugh-out-loud funny. For me, at least. The happenings on the show can be a bit absurd, but that probably makes them all the more real in some twisted way.

Although every character is a bit of a gem for their own reasons, one character in particular has seemed to grow on me a bit—Richard Splett. At first, I didn't think much of his character, not expecting him to become a regular, but he's stuck around and I'm glad for that. Don't get me wrong, the other characters are great, but Richard is, uh, different. Perhaps that within this ruthless band of jerks, I find Richard to be the only one who's not. But just as likely, he's quirky and I like that.

It was hard for me to find a good but short compilation of Richard scenes. And while it's hard to say that there's any one scene or line that defines his character, this scene is pretty great. Beware: spoilers ahead. Email personnel, go where the blue line takes you.

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The 200k Mile Club

I have great joy in saying that my Toyota Prius has hit 200,000 miles. You may wonder why it matters so much to me or why it matters enough to write about it. I can understand your doubts and eye rolling. Let me explain.

I bought this car in 2004. It's a 2003, so it had been used for about a year before I bought it. It had just over 19,000 miles on it. I've had this car in my possession for thirteen of its fourteen year life. It's certainly the longest I've had any vehicle, as I have only owned two vehicles prior, and it's also the highest amount of miles that I've put on any of them. The closest was 185,000 miles on my Chevy Blazer and that took a lot of repairs (WAY too much money) to achieve. I haven't had to spend much in repairs on the Prius and have mostly spent money on preventative maintenance.

Other than the obvious reasons why this milestone makes me happy, one reason is because of the chatter from the peanut gallery that I received after buying the car. I knew that I wanted a hybrid to be the next car I bought when I first heard about them existing. I liked the idea of lessening my impact on the environment, but I also liked the saving money aspect just as much—win/win. Over time, I had heard just about every argument people could think of, valid or not, on why my purchase was foolish or questionable. No one ever came out and blatantly said that, but some came close.

However, thankfully, there were even more people who thought it was neat or interesting and, thus, had many questions. It was the early days of hybrids and no one, even me, knew how experimental these were going to turn out being. It did feel like a gamble, even if it was one with a low percentage of not working out.

At 200,000 miles and counting, with minimal repairs and less money spent on gas than the average driver, I'd say that I've made a hell of a good investment. Take that, suckas.

I found the perfect picture opportunity after coming home from work one evening. I pulled into the driveway, knowing that I was getting close, and there it was. *Cue angelic chorus*

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Did You Know?

Scientifically, the strawberry isn't a berry but bananas are. Thanks to my wife for that tidbit of knowledge dropping. Read this to find out why.

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Shine That Spotlight, You Crazy Diamond

Here is where I'd like to tell you about Jessi Gurr. She is the founder and owner of Iceberg Web Design, a website development and hosting company. She started this business by herself, out of her house, designing and building websites, and grew it to the impressive business it is today. Iceberg has multiple locations—Anoka and Minneapolis, Minnesota as well as Chicago, Illinois and Toronto, Canada. The best part, as it should be, is that they do awesome work! Also, I think it HAS to be said that she has fostered an AMAZING work environment. For anyone who knows Jessi, that shouldn't be a surprise.

I also want to take the opportunity to tell you about a Kickstarter campaign that Jessi and her office-mates have very recently begun. It's called Vegan Packets. Never heard of it? Check it out! The site explains it best.

Check out the Vegan Packets Kickstarter!

This lady doesn't sleep... - vegan gardening blog - hand poured palm wax candles

All of these projects, businesses and whatnots can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Did I miss anything?

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Veep, Again.

Like I said, there are a lot of great characters on this show. Here's Minna. Email hermits, give this a look-see.

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No matter who you are or where you are in life, everyone feels like they're getting screwed somehow.

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