Haters Back Off!

This is a show that I've been wanting to share with you for a while. My wife and I started watching this Netflix Original, Haters Back Off!, sometime towards the end of last year. I fell in love pretty much immediately. We only watched the first season before we took a break and got lost in the return of network shows that we follow. Finally, we returned and finished off Haters' second and most recent season in the past week or so. I suspect a third season to come at some point, but as is often the case with shows of this nature, it seemed like they buttoned things up in a way that would be fitting of a show not getting the 'go ahead' from corporate. One just never knows, so why not do right by the fans just in case? However, Netflix doesn't seem to have the same constraints as network or even cable TV, and this show isn't a big budget type of shindig. I await its return. No, wait. I just checked the internet. Apparently, there won't be a season three. RAGE

What do I like about this show? Well, there's nothing I don't like about this show and it's funny. At least, I think so. The characters are absurd. The situations are ridiculous. One thing I find interesting about this show is that it originated from an ongoing (and still going) comedic stunt pulled by comedian, actress, singer etc Colleen Ballinger. Without giving everything away, I will say that the show centers around a character named Miranda, and she's working to become a world-class superstar by way of YouTube, if only the world would just come to its senses. In much of the same way the HBO show, Flight of the Conchords, made me a little self-conscious, Haters Back Off! makes me wonder if I come off the same way that they all do—pathetic and laughable. Either way, we all gotta do what our hearts tell us to. No ragrets.

As you may guess, here's a video for Haters Back Off! I don't necessarily like to share trailers, but I felt that this was a pretty decent one to give you a preview of what would come, if you chose to watch the first episode. Here's a link in case the embedded video doesn't show up. (I'm staring at you, email people. But then again, you can always jump to my site from the email... whatever works for you!)

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Linkage For Thinkage

I get ideas. Sure, maybe they aren't ALL great ideas, but regardless, I thrive as a human being by letting my mind wander and think of the 'what-ifs' in life. I don't ever want to feel like I'm stuck doing the same things or being the same person. Life is too long (if all goes well) to not try to be all that one can be—something to that effect. With that in mind, once in a while, I will come up with different ideas for sections to THE NOT SO DAILY DUMP. I've decided to try this one out now.

What this essentially boils down to is that I read stuff on the internet, and I want to share some of it. This section will have links to things, and those things will be related in some way. Maybe next time those links will all be related to UFOs and cow abductions. Maybe the time after that, they will all loosely be related to lawn care. Who knows? I barely do.

This time around, the links are all related to how crazy (or interesting) humanity can be.

Tech Bro Guru: Inside The Sedona Cult Of Bentinho Massaro
I couldn't finish this article. It gets pretty long, but I read enough of it to get a really good picture of who this guy is and what he's really doing. How do people fall for this type of crazy time and again? It takes a certain kind of brain to manipulate and a certain kind of brain to fall for it. There are plenty of examples out in the world. The person who wrote this article, Be Scofield, infiltrated the cult to get the firsthand knowledge about it. There are plenty of videos included to experience for yourself who Mr. Massaro is—a psychopath.

Cow Fisting 80-Year-Old Banned From Every Farm In England
What more can be said about this? Not much, but this short article does a good job filling in some details in a light-hearted way. For example, he's a repeat offender. One cow doesn't get you banned...

I Made My Shed The Top Rated Restaurant On TripAdvisor
Imagine a world where an Icelandic man used to write fake reviews on TripAdvisor as a job and then decides to start writing fake reviews for a restaurant that doesn't even exist. Guess what? You're living in that world. And then, what happens when you get to the point where your tall tale has gone so far and so well that people are begging and demanding to be served at your exclusive restaurant, and TripAdvisor is bound to catch on any day? Read the article to find out.

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Outings With The Relations

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A couple of interesting things my family did recently are going to an art show at a community college and spending an afternoon at The Science Museum of Minnesota.

The art show included two pieces that my neighbor and friend, Elisha (or should I say Felicia), created. This was an exclusive event where the art had to be selected to be included. I didn't take a picture of any of her work, because I'm a horrible person (though you could go to her site to see), but I DID take a picture of this gem. Behold! Potato people with real human teeth. I just knew this would be something that Tim would enjoy. This piece wasn't even in the show; it was in the window by the entrance to the faculty offices. 

My wife ran a 10 miler for Goldy's Run this past Sunday. I expect she'll write a post about it soonish at her blog. This required me to take a vacation day since she had a race to run that morning. What to do with a rare weekend afternoon spent with the WHOLE family? We headed to The Science Museum, of which we are members, and took advantage of what was new.

blog, Minnesota, Dream Big, The Science Museum of Minnesota, engineering, Omnitheater
We saw Dream Big, a film about engineering, in the Omnitheater. We checked out the temporary exhibit, Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO Bricks, saw the impressive creations, and built some of our own. We browsed through parts of the rest of the museum as we had time, but being we have seen these permanent exhibits more than once, we did so with little urgency.

I was expecting there to be more people at the museum than there was. I was happy it wasn't nearly as crowded as it can be on a weekend day.

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Shine That Spotlight, You Crazy Diamond

The next issue of THE NOT SO DAILY DUMP will go back to a one Spotlight format. For now, here's a continuation of the latest round of recaps.

I shared Nick Morris with you in this Spotlight. If you didn't get a chance to read that issue of TNSDD, you might have missed out on an article he had published, "Using Garritan Sounds in Ableton Live 9." While Nick is a fellow drummer, he focuses much of his time on synths and electronic music production. You can see his elaborate set-ups on the social pages for his musical moniker, Draze Force, as well as listen to snippets of what he's working on in that moment. Somewhat recently, his debut album, Digital Ocean, was uploaded to Spotify, and last November, Nick hinted that his EP, III, was on the way. Adding to the options I linked in the initial Spotlight (and that Spotify link), you can listen to some new tracks on Soundcloud.

Next, we have Brian Gallagher, a Minnesota native who's been living in Los Angeles, California for about the last ten years. Like I mentioned previously, Brian writes reviews and does interviews for MovieWeb and TVweb. He gets to preview films, interview celebrities, and interact with creatives in the entertainment industry; pretty cool job, if you ask me. In addition to this, Brian works on his own scripts designed for television and movies. From the way his updates sound on social media, he works pretty regularly on these scripts and has written some new drafts, first and otherwise, since I initially put Brian in a Spotlight last November. For the most up-to-date information on Brian's writing, go to his website. I found this handy page that lists all of the articles he's written for MovieWeb. And, the same thing here for TVweb.

Carissa Nielsen was recognized in Spotlight #9 for her photography skills. Her business, Photograph Minnesota, does great work. I can attest to this as my wife and I have had multiple sessions with her: wedding, engagement, and family pictures. She's got a creative eye and is a pleasure to be around—how can you beat that? If you are interested in having Carissa capture your images, you better act. Her spring calendar is filling up! However, she works in the Chisago Lakes area of Minnesota, so if you don't live near there, you should start packing your bags for a road trip. A TBI survivor since 2014, Carissa started an organization called Still On that helped others with traumatic brain injury. She has since redirected her focus by going back to college for teaching and is currently working as an SPED ParaProfessional in her local school district. Carissa brings joy to everything she does, and I have no doubt she'll continue to do that with whatever endeavor she chooses to pursue! Check out Photograph Minnesota on Facebook and Instagram.

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