Remember Champ, Every Day Isn't A Winner.

Hi. I sit here not knowing what to write and it's the end of the month - the arbitrary deadline I give myself to post something. I have ideas and posts that I've started but nothing that promotes me to write, or finish. I don't have any videos I've seen recently to share but I do have plenty of links to stuff - some of which will be at the end of the post, as usual...

Right now I am listening to Tool's 10,000 Days. It's been a while since I've listened to it. Before that I listened to Radiohead's The Bends. It's been a while for that one too.  Before that, Jet's Get Born.  It's a good rock album.  I've listened to it a few times this year.  And all the while I was listening to them (and still am), I was doing my 'Mondays'.  (pause, reflection... backspace)  I just decided to not go into that.  Think of it as doing stuff that needs to get done.  Normally, I have Mondays off but today I worked an 8 hour day (compared to my Fri-Sun 12 hour days) to help cover the Memorial Day holiday at the place that pays my bills.  They make working holidays desirable.  Enough about that as well.

Now that the writing has started to flow, I think it's time to go.  Sometimes it's best to end short leaving people wanting rather than going on and on and becoming annoying, boring and whatever other word you want to throw indo that here.  That's not a link but a good try nonetheless!  It's getting late into the evening, artificial deadline met and all, and I am tired from working the last 4 days and not getting the kind of sleep a person at my age should be getting.  Perhaps that goes for any age.  Perhaps.  Don't look at that last word too long, because it will cease to be a word.  It happened to me.  I would erase it if it weren't for my nostalgic heart.

Okay.  I'm off now to sleep and dream of things not of this world.  And tomorrow, do things like mail out CD's and mix music.  That's not all but it's all I can think of as a sure thing right now.

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