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Music is a big part of my life in one way or another. I listen to a lot and love creating it. My tastes in music are many and within a given day could be focused or scattered among the varieties a large, populated planet brings. That's not to say I emulate them all but they do influence me to a degree, as with anything.

Sparing a comprehensive bio on my musical life until now, I will say this: I've written music and gigged in multiple bands over the years - been there, done that. There were great times and bad and a mix of the so-so. The last gigging band I was in lasted 2.5 years but towards the end it became apparent to me it was time to move on. What this led me to was starting my solo project, Mess of it ALL in January 2002 (the name came later). I don't like calling it a solo project but then again, it's not really a band. It's just me. Friends appear on songs but at the core there is no Mess of it ALL without me; my musical refuge where my mind is the sole composer and my instruments the orchestra.

About a year and a few months after beginning Mess of it ALL, I started college. Having a computer, software and instruments just wasn't enough anymore. I graduated in August of 2004 with an Associates of Applied Science in Recording Technology from Music Tech, now known as McNally Smith College of Music. It was a frantically busy and sleepless time in my life but I learned a lot and have great memories of my time there. Before I decided to study science in music, I never thought I would go to college but at the age of 26, I had a degree and an evolved view of music and the world.

After I released my first album stages and cycles (2006) under Mess of it ALL, I started writing songs with my friend Tim and soon after we became known as Diads, releasing our first album Make You Dirty (2007). Within the time Tim and I were writing material for Make You Dirty, I began writing with friend and ex-bandmate in many bands, Matt. We worked on music he wrote for his project Colour the Moon and released the EP Transitions (2007).

With three albums released, the beginnings of BlueRyckenMusics (2007) came about; an independent, artist driven label to bring together the music Tim, Matt and I were making. Originally, the name and notion was conceived by Tim and me but Matt's business knowledge helped make it the reality that it is today, as he is a student of business. As head of BRM, I have learned much about business and the business of music beyond what I already knew and what I learned in school.

Being in 3 bands, running a label/studio, working full-time hours at a job 3 days a week and still finding time for family, friends and myself can be exhausting but it also leaves little room for dull moments.

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