Me: The Studio Post

It's taken roughly 2 years to put together a studio that I feel reflects the abilities I want to be able to have. I've daydreamed about it for about 5 years, so one could imagine the feeling of 'getting there'. It's not grand like a fancy studio you might see in a magazine, but it's the closest I've ever been to that, and it's mine. The studio (aka BRM Studio North), in reality, has been operational for only about 4 months, but when you throw in working out bugs and kinks it feels like less. Frustrating, yes, but also an opportunity to learn more. It comes with the territory.

The path to 'getting there' started with building the Production Desk and the Control Center. The names to these pieces of studio furniture might as well be an unknown language to most, but in reality it's pretty simple. The Production Desk houses the computer, monitors (2 visual and 5 sound), outboard gear and the like. The Control Center is where I sit and essentially have control over most of the studio with keyboard, mouse and BMC remote. I built them to accommodate the set up I wanted since I could not buy it as is. I also built speaker stands for the rear speakers (5.1) but that was because there was no way I was going to pay for them. Ridiculously expensive for what you get, seriously.

I don't want to turn this post into a rap song, so I won't go on too much with gear and software. No offense rap, but you know... Here's a quick list of the highlights: new and made for audio PC, Cubase and Reason software, Motu 828mk3 audio interface (also with awesome software). All have exceeded my expectations and work together so cohesively it amazes me. Like a kid in a candy store? No, more like a necrophiliac at a morgue. Too grotesque, creepy? Sorry, it makes me laugh.

Progress never stops, but I am at a good point. There will be upgrades and continual improvements in the future, but I think it's safe to say that I can enjoy the work I've done thus far, which is nice because there's a lot of music to continue work on and to be made. So, in the meantime I'll be reading books on the software/hardware I have and applying the knowledge as I go, never forgetting the craft that gives a studio purpose - music.

Links of Interest:
ADK Pro Audio - where I got my PC, software and AI
Daytrotter - cool studio from Rock Island, IL
Acoustic Black Hole Created in Bose-Einstein Condensate

Thanks for reading.

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