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I have a cousin, and he has a girlfriend. *Oooh la-la!* Settle down. Actually, I have many cousins, but I have one in particular that is doing something unconventional this summer. Ramsey and Heather are traveling the western side of the country, Canada, and Alaska over the next 4 months (3 months by the time I get this posted) and are doing so out of the back of their automobile. *Automobile? Donger need food.* Insensitive racist. *Compared to a sensitive racist?* Anything's possible. Besides, racist people have feelings, too. Don't they?

They will be camping and hiking and doing whatever outdoorsy people do along the way. Where will they poop? I don't know. I never asked. I don't think they mentioned it. At the end of their journey, which started in Colorado, they will be at their new homestead in Montana. And that life will be simplistic. They've been documenting their preparation and transition and their travels so far, and I can only assume they will continue to in Montana.

I think what they are doing is pretty damn cool, and partly because I can live it through them to a certain extent. I like hotels. I'm not big on sleeping on the ground. I like having a fire in my yard during the summer, then going inside my house when I'm ready for bed. It's part of the reason why I enjoy watching Tiny House Nation but live in a not-so-tiny house. I like the idea and the ideas it brings. It's inspirational but not always practical for me and my young family. Living for experiences and not things is great. A family of 6 living in 200 ft2 is not great. So, I say, if you can do it and the passion is there, do it! Be the inspiration! Break the mold! Excitement!

But, if you do venture out into the great wilderness and you come across a bear, remember the advice of my 7 year old daughter. "You don't have to be faster than the guy next to you. Just punch the bear in the nose." Well said. Colbert would be proud. I certainly am.

Find out more!

They've also got a Facebook page and a YouTube page... Check them out.

UPDATE JULY 2017: After homesteading in Northern Idaho over the winter, they decided that they didn't want to settle down just yet and will be living on the road permanently with their two dogs.

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