Theater For My Crazy Kids

On May 19th, I went to see the play "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" put on by the Children's Theater. My daughter won three tickets because she was a Girl Scout Super Seller this most recent cookie season. Super Seller? Yep. She sold over 650 boxes. My wife and youngest son enjoyed the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (that shares the same building) during the show. So it was my daughter, my oldest son, and I that were able to see it.

My older kids are more prone to misbehaving and distraction than the average kid, so I was wondering what I had gotten myself into, or rather what my wife had gotten me into. It was general admission, and we were able to sit in the second row, and I had hoped sitting closer would help grab their attention more. I don't know how much that helped, but their eyes were glued to the stage the second it began.

As I looked side to side at each of them through the performance, I realized that this was a first for them, and I was able to experience it with them. It made it a little more special than it already was. We've taken them to a handful of animated movies over the last few years, so we know they can sit through those with the aid of food. We've learned some tricks along the way. However, there was no food allowed in the theater, and it was up to the show to captivate.

During intermission, each ticket holder was able to get a free beverage and a cookie. My wife met us in the crowded theater lobby, and I'm glad she did as it was a huge help. The kids got their snack, I donated mine to my wife, and we found a vacant corner. We had to be quick because intermission wasn't very long. This was understandable as the show must go on, and it was a school night.

Fortunately, there was a hidden unisex bathroom that my daughter could use in our once vacant corner. We were completely shocked there wasn't a transgendered person hiding in there, waiting to prey on a warm body. Based on the news lately, we were sure there had to be one lurking creepily, and to our great disappointment there was no one inside. You can be damned sure we were eyeballing the hell out of everyone who went to use that bathroom. We even contemplated spying on those perverts, catching them acting out their disgusting bathroom habits. That would show them! But, it was then that we were called back to our seats. Vigilante bathroom justice would have to wait for another day.

After the show, we were able to get into a line and have the kids' programs signed by ten of the cast members. I think this helped solidify the night as being pretty memorable for the kids. My son was impressed that there were real people on stage and that it looked like a fun thing to be a part of. My daughter did a complete 180° turn and decided she now wants to read the book series and the female version, too, of which I had never heard of. Maybe it doesn't exist? That's possible. She's occasionally wrong. Occasionally? My wife also had a great time at MIA and shared with us what she saw and the interactions she experienced.

I'm certainly no theater critic, but I do have an opinion occasionally, and I thought the show was great. I would flamboyantly recommend this to anyone with kids. And even though it's put on for the young, there's plenty of humor and story for an adult chaperone to enjoy. We didn't know anything about the franchise other than it existed. We do now.

It looks like we may be spending more time visiting these establishments.

Now that the post is actually out, it seems the show is done with its run. I'd still recommend seeing a play done by the Children's Theater.

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