Mike De'Cole: So It Was Written

I know a singer through my day job who has released an album this year. And although I don't usually listen to the kind of music he makes, I downloaded his CD so that when I do feel like listening to that flavor of tune-age, it'll be there to satisfy those urges. That kind of sounds sexual. But, perhaps, I'm being highly appropriate. Take a listen for yourself and decide.

Also, I want to show my support for what he does. It's good music. He loves what he's doing. He's putting his everything into it. Passion and effort should be acknowledged in the least and at most supported with enthusiasm. And on top of all that, he's a really nice guy. Plus, he's got some pro videos. Who doesn't like watching music videos? It's for your ears AND eyes! Two senses! Okay, maybe one of you doesn't like music videos. Maybe you like words?

Here are some words pulled straight from his website:
"Sam Cooke, Smokey Robinson, Otis Redding - Mike De'Cole is neo R&B artist reminiscent of these soul legends. Big shoes to fill? Perhaps…
Just as Smokey moved us with his sincere lyrics, so will Mike De'Cole. Just like Sam Cooke captured us with his soulful vibe, so will Mike De'Cole and just as Otis Redding moved us with his passionate vocals, so will Mike De'Cole.
Mike De'Cole first single Lost Without You takes us back to a time when R&B songs were created with real instruments by real musicians, a time when songwriters wrote about love, pain and joy NOT sex, bi@#$h's and wh@#$."

Mike is all over the internet, so let me Google that for you. Social Media links and more!

Or, you could try out his Facebook page first, since so many people do that.

UPDATE: I don't see Mike regularly as he's taken a different day job. He's still focusing on his music career with laser precision, and he's got the support to make that a reality.

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