The Kids Are Alright

If you've been reading my blog so far, you might think I don't like my kids or are wondering why I had any at all. Well, the older two are technically step-children, so I didn't start out the parenting deal slow and steady. It was more of a jump in and go. That hasn't always been easy for me, making the transition. To assume it's been hard would be wrong, too. Oh, the subtleties of life.

I do love them and want the best for them, even if I don't like the way they behave sometimes. I want to tuck them in at night and help them succeed during the day. I want to play a part in their bright futures and have grandchildren to spoil and look after when my kids are losing their minds as adults.

I wasn't looking for a ready-made family when I fell for my wife. I met her where I work when she worked there, and since I didn't talk much to her in the beginning, I didn't really know much about her life outside of work. Eventually, I learned she had kids and that meant I would have kids from the get-go if our lives were to do more than merely intersect. I was okay with that, still okay obviously, and although I knew it wouldn't be easy, I knew it was worth any trouble that may come.

Now, we have three kids. Life still gets messy and complicated, just a little differently. There's more to consider when we want to do things, and really, it just requires good planning and execution. Sure, some things aren't doable, but with every equation, the variables decide the outcome. If one wants different outcomes, then one must provide different variables. That's life.

It's easy to see the negative in life and not the positive. Humans are actually wired that way. It suits survival better. It's harder to understand that when you're lounging in your yard and not standing in the middle of a savanna. You're not so worried about a wild animal pouncing you in your yard. Maybe, you are. Maybe, you live in a heavily wooded area. Maybe, you do live in the middle of a savanna and are standing there now. If that's the case, I suggest you look up and around and not down at your phone right now. Anyway, it all still stands as I've said. In case you don't remember me telling you already in past posts, I've told you not to question me.

Yep, easier to see the negative and it plays an important part when used correctly. There's plenty of positive, though. One must do a better job of recognizing it and internalizing it. I do believe the kids ultimately make me better, even if sometimes they bring out the worst in me, because they also bring out the best in me. I'm around them everyday, so how wouldn't they bring about a roller coaster of emotion?

It's interesting to see their differences. They're obviously different people and having different personalities should come as no surprise. But, it's still interesting to see it unfold right before me every day. My daughter loves going to school and loves learning. My oldest son does not like school and doesn't seem to have her thirst for learning. But, he does love building things from whatever you give him, and he's got a great imagination when playing with his assortment of miniature vehicles.

My daughter is relatively good at responding on a fairly regular basis when told to do something. My oldest son, at times, seems to wait until my wife and I are ready to boil just to get the extra attention. My daughter wants to do everything for herself. My oldest son is flailing on the ground and acting helpless, because he doesn't want to do something and is again looking for the attention. I could easily write a blog just on my oldest son's behavior. Ironically, we give them all equal time. Except the baby. He might get more because he's a BABY.

However, don't mistake what I just said as an absolute. We all have our good and bad moments, and who they are will change ever so slightly each day, and they will be different people in a few months. But, there are some things that just don't seem to change and that's the core of who they are. I hope my wife and I are helping them become the best they can be.

Regardless, they are who they are. We don't have a perfect life, and we aren't perfect humans. I'm sure all of you wonderful readers do and are! I try not to repeat myself from post to post (So get to reading the other posts!), but there are reasons why I blog. I sometimes write sarcastically or for comedic sake, and although it comes from a real place, I hope that the pain is understood and shared among other parents (or grandparents or guardians). The more we can relate with others and know we aren't alone in our struggle, the better off we are to ourselves and our kids. Relating to others is comforting. Laughter is AMAZING!

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The youngest and I have always ended up with the best face swaps.

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