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Earlier this year, I came to the conclusion that it seemed like we hadn't been having any fun as a family. We were all busy doing our own things, and when we interacted, we were just trying to knock out that part of the day and get through it. To say it was or is anyone's fault would be a lie. Most families are sure to go through this from time to time and the larger the group, the harder it can be. Especially when there are small children in the mix. Especially when two of those kids can't behave or handle being around each other. Especially when one of those kids screws around at school all day and then wants to get their work done at home and then complains that there's no time. I'll just stop there.

It would be ridiculous to sit here and write out all of the things we have going on within any given week. Besides, each week is different, each segment of the year has it's unique challenges. To those who can relate to this post personally, you already know. It also doesn't mean that our kids have to be in twenty different activities each week for us to get a bit burned out. There are always plenty of reasons behind why trying to have a well-rounded, full life for five individuals all coordinated out and sparkly fresh can be exhausting. Then, throw a lack of sleep on top of all that and it is a recipe for disaster. It's not a tasty one at all. It's quite bitter. *comedic drum fill*

I had the realization that we needed to change the way things were going. We still needed to get through the ugly stuff together, but we also needed a chance to forget about all of the crap and just laugh and have fun—no matter what. Regardless of whether or not one or two kids were grounded from TV for the umpteenth time, we should still be able to sit down and watch a movie together or play a video game. We have A LOT of board games and the like in our closet, but we don't get around to playing them much. Even if we don't have a lot of time during the school year, we need to make what we do have work.

Considering I work a solid three days over the weekend with no time to spare, I came up with Monday, our first opportunity at the beginning of the week, as a time to make it a point to put fun first. Also, with Monday being the first day the kids are back in school, maybe it would take away some of the blues that can come with it being Monday, though, they do mostly like going to school. Maybe Garfield should have had a Monday Funday?

I proposed this idea to my wife, and she was onboard immediately. And even though it took her a while to make blocking out a period of time for fun a priority more important than selling Girl Scout cookies, for example, she eventually learned what I was trying to get at. Making time for fun as a family is one of the most important things we can do and is an important lesson for the kids as well. Liking an idea and understanding its significance is one thing. Execution of an idea is a different beast altogether. If we couldn't come up with a couple of hours a week, even at our busiest times, then what have we really got? What are we showing the kids?

I'd like to say that Monday Funday saved us from imminent doom, but that's not true. There were other factors that have gotten sorted out that has helped, too. One, Girl Scout cookie season is over. (Yay!) Two, a certain child is getting better at getting work done at school. Three, dynamics change. It always changes. But, we all still look forward to Monday Funday.

Even if it's not on a Monday.

Which is kind of the beauty in how things turned out.

It turned out that we somehow started having more time during the week for having fun in the evenings. Maybe, it's because of changing dynamics? Maybe, it's because we liked having fun together, so we made it a priority to do it again another night? Maybe, it started becoming the proverbial carrot on a stick to get a particular kid to behave at dinner and not take ALL NIGHT to eat a small meal? Maybe, it was to motivate two particular kids to get their chores and responsibilities done in a timely fashion? All hypothetical, of course. And, it doesn't always work, hypothetically.

Now, youth softball season is in full swing. Even though the two older kids are each on different teams, they both practice on Mondays. But, guess what? That's okay, because we all know we'll just have fun together on a different night. Except Tuesdays, because that's game night for both of them. Plus, if for some reason it doesn't work out for a particular week, we know that we'll make it a point to partake in the fun as soon as we can.


Summer is approaching, and we'll have more time with the kids not being in school. We'll figure it out. With the amount of summer vacation days always feeling a bit short, we'll no doubt work through our list of family summer must-dos. Most importantly, we just need to have a little fun along the way.

*   *   *

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Graham Sedam, blog, thoughts, life, interests, writing
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