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I've been making some changes to my blog presence lately and that gets translated out into different platforms in different ways. My primary focus has always been about the look and the usability on a desktop (web version). I've done my best to make the mobile version a clean and simple experience that matches the web version. I also offer an email option for those who would like my posts delivered to their inbox. I have even less control in how the email version comes across. The more I learn about and have tweaked my presence with these different platforms, the better I'm able to give a more cohesive experience among them.

This is still a work in progress (and it will most likely be so in perpetuity, since I tinker and change things often). For example, I placed two videos in "THE NOT SO DAILY DUMP #1," and they did not show up in the emailed post. Please know that I'm working to make my websites and posts fully functional in all of the platforms I make available. It will take time. I could have it done professionally, and there would be no problems. It would cost money that wouldn't get recouped through my web presence. So... anyone want to send donations? GoFundMe, Kickstarter, and Patreon seem to be the way to get money from the public these days. I'm determined to keep my websites free of outside advertisement.

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Sweet Dreams

Something one of the kids said to me recently made me think of this clip, and so I thought I would share it here. Email subscribers can use this link to view the imbedded video.

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The Special Lunch

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My daughter requested a special lunch on her last day of school two weeks ago. I obliged her the night before and packed a special lunch, zipped up her lunch bag, and wrote a note. In that note, I stated that I had packed her a special lunch.

I was at work before anyone in the house was awake, so I wasn't able to witness what was going to unfold that morning. My wife told me that my daughter was so confident that I had packed her an awesome, special lunch that my daughter didn't bother checking it and proceeded to put it in her book bag. My wife intervened and asked her if she thought she should check it. My wife shot a video of the unveiling and sent it to me.

In a nutshell, she didn't like it very much. It actually angered her. As she unpacked it, she said things like, "Really, Dad?" Once she was finished unpacking the special lunch, she boldly stated, "Dad, you suck!" It WAS special by definition. I did as she asked. I wrote her a note expressing my feelings. She often expresses herself to us in notes.

So, what was in the lunch? A can of green beans, a container of garlic powder, blueberry pancake mix, and two plastic spiders. (My wife added the spiders.) Sounds special to me!

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Shine That Spotlight, You Crazy Diamond

This week I'd like to highlight my neighbor, Elisha. She has been a great neighbor and she and her husband have helped my family out plenty since they have moved in. I hope we have come close to helping them out half as much.

She's been working on finishing her graphic design degree, raising two kids, working at college doing things related to her degree, and she's starting to get clients for work in graphic design. She has been doing photography professionally for many years already. Considering her husband has a full plate himself and is in the military, she manages to do a lot well.

Elisha has a company for her photography and graphic design and is looking for your business.

She's got a website
A Facebook page @ElishaJohnsonDesign
And Instagram @ejcreativedesign 

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Take A Dip In Shimmer Lake

If you haven't seen the Netflix movie Shimmer Lake, do yourself a favor and watch it. Seriously. If you don't have Netflix, find a friend who does and strongly suggest (to the point of literal arm twisting) that you watch it together. I guess you'll have to see if you agree.

I won't be giving any of the story away, and that's best done by not talking about it here. What I will say, and what will also help you understand the movie better from the git-go, is that it's told in reverse, so keep your mind on the details, friends.

Check out the official site for Shimmer Lake. Rainn Wilson, Ron Livingston, and Rob Corddry, the only people from the cast that I recognize by name, are in this crime drama.

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Huh Muh Nuh Ma-nuh?

I'll avoid going on too long, so I'll wrap it up. I've set aside a handful of whatnots and thingbots for the next installment. I will leave you with a "lighter" clip than the one I placed earlier in this post. Maybe, it will make you dance? Can you at least smile, damnit?! Email subscribers! Click here for video enjoyment.

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