The Triple Lindy

Last week, Uncle Bob and some other family members were over for some pizza and fun, and he brought up the Triple Lindy. How many of you have seen the movie, Back to School? We got a good laugh reminiscing about that scene. Check out the Triple Lindy video here unless you plan on running out to your local VHS rental establishment to watch this '80s classic . Email Subscribers! Yep, click this!

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Ruse De Guerre

Over the past few months I've been reading a book, Justinian's Flea, the same book I wrote about in the post called "Books, Life, And Punchlines," and I came across a phrase that I thought was interesting. So, I looked it up. ruse de guerre - wikipedia

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Two weeks ago, after I had done some yard work for a few hours, I was finishing up and getting ready to go inside for the day. A sapling that's been growing in a nook of a tree in our front yard caught my eye. It's been growing there since we moved in, and I have always forgotten to remove it. A tree growing inside of a healthy tree is probably not a good idea, and considering it is near a limb that has a crack in it already, the small tree would only cause the crack to widen. The end result, one large limb laying in the street.

I got out a ladder and leaned it up against the tree. I climbed the ladder and poked my head into the area where the rogue tree is. A female duck was, at most, a foot away from my face. Fortunate for me, I was not attacked but merely received a soft quack. Having not expected this duck to be there and not trusting my face so close to it, I scrambled down the ladder and assessed what had happened.

I immediately went inside and told my wife. She was eager to come out and see for herself and take pictures. I called the neighbor over too, as I knew she would appreciate the find as well. Our neighbor had previously told us that she thought the duck had laid eggs and was nesting somewhere in that area. When we didn't find a duck or eggs in the area, among the bushes, we figured that wasn't the case. Now we know we have a duck nesting in our tree.

duck in a tree

I must say, the way the limbs branch out make a nice spot for a nest in the middle. I guess I'll have to take out that little tree on a different date.

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Science Museum Day Trip

Last week, my family and I went to the Science Museum in St. Paul. We recently bought a yearlong membership in May when my parents, my sisters, and my sisters' families visited the Twin Cities. The admission for my family alone pretty much paid for half of the membership cost. This recent trip basically paid it off in full.

We did have to pay something, though. The newest temporary exhibit is The Science Behind Pixar. Is it worth $10 per person? Maybe, but certainly not more. We also had to pay for food, which as you might imagine, is ridiculously expensive, so we brought snacks to lighten the lunch order. Also, it doesn't help when you are overcharged by eight dollars. I caught that when we got home, and the museum's food provider has graciously refunded us. The parking was discounted due to the membership but still cost eight dollars.

Because we have a membership, we didn't have to pay to roam the general museum, and we also were able to see the movie in the omni-theater, Journey to the South Pacific, for free as well. Membership does have its perks. We just need to keep using it for it to really pay off.

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Uh Oh

My toddler son has been saying 'uh oh' a lot lately. Even if the situation doesn't warrant an 'uh oh,' if he thinks something happened that shouldn't have or he doesn't understand why or what happened, an 'uh oh' is surely to come.

My wife cooked bacon in the oven a couple of weeks ago. Some grease dripped onto the bottom of the oven and that caused smoke to permeate the kitchen. There wasn't any danger, but the smoke alarm went off, and this concerned my son. He kept saying 'uh oh' over and over.

At one point that night, I was holding him and the smoke alarm went off again. I grabbed a broom, went over to the alarm, and used the broom to press a button on the alarm to temporarily silence it. Ever since, when he passes by the smoke alarm, he points at it and says, "Beep, beep, uh oh."

We have an extra smoke alarm that we're not currently using, and it has been sitting where he can see it. He has walked over to it several times since the bacon smoke fiasco and points at it saying, "Beep, beep." I've tried handing it to him, but he just backs away, looking concerned.

The people we are around influence us. I was at work last Friday morning and the phone rang. What came out of my mouth was 'uh oh.'

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Shine That Spotlight, You Crazy Diamond

This week I'd like to tell you about my sister-in-law's girlfriend, Steph. I don't know her really well, but from what I HAVE experienced and learned over the past year since I met her is that she has a big heart and is a lot of fun. I certainly wouldn't complain if she became a permanent fixture in the family.

Steph is a fellow musical hack like myself, and she also loves to vlog. I don't get a chance to watch her videos as often as I'd like, but when I do, it's hard to beat her fun and upbeat attitude.

Take a gander at her YouTube channel, StephanieDTV.

There are links aplenty at her YouTube channel to different social media platforms, if you'd like to connect with her.

And while you're here, check out a post she published on June 27, 2017. (Email subscribers, click this link.)

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