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I have written and published seven posts so far this year with more in the works. How often I complete a post and publish depends upon a few factors but mostly time. Fortunately, the foundation for writing my blog was forged in taking advantage of small bits of time here and there and making something out of them instead of just pissing the time away. However, my friends, that isn't always as easy as it sounds.

And here's something that all but one person (me) probably doesn't care about. For now, I've changed the unofficial title for the blog from "The G Files" to "My Thoughts. My Life." The latter is something I thought of as a description for the blog when I restarted it. Will it change again? Who knows, but most likely. Does the blog need a title? Probably not. Why am I making it a point to mention it here? Because.


I wrote a post explaining what's going on and where I'm at with the third release. Rather than rehash that whole thing here, please go to there and read it. I will say that there has been a slowing and delaying of efforts on my part for the project, and part of the reason is because of the bullet point below.

 Fishing Show (Graham Sedam Sound)

The Diads post previously mentioned is just as much about the fishing show as the third Diads album, so...

As time moves forward and this project evolves, the more exciting it is to think about what an awesome opportunity this is for me. Also, it's a bit daunting and challenging, but that's good, right? As I have previously stated with different words, I will be the go-to guy for music used in this show. I can only guess as to how I may be involved from there.

I've been working on some different pieces for the show, but as of late, most of what I've done is that I've finished writing and recording the theme song (intro/outro to show). I'll be mixing that a little moving forward, but I'm not in a rush to do so. Recently, I've contemplated putting together a version of the theme song that is a little more subdued and suited as background music during the meat of the show. It's good to have options.

Mostly I've been thinking about and fiddling around with the other ideas I have a start with and figuring out where I want to go with them, getting a grasp of what I want to get out of them, and deciphering what they are showing me they want to be. It sounds like I'll be getting some footage in May for further inspiration and to give me more to dial in on.

(Update 10/18/18: I know that I've stated in R&D N0. 7 that I won't be doing these tiny updates to R&D posts, but I feel like this is appropriate. Plus, I feel like I have more leeway with that rule up until the"reboot of sorts" that came with No.7. Anyway. It is starting to seem like this project won't happen. I'm saddened because I was excited to try something different, and also, because I've already put work into this that could have went into something else. On the plus side, music is universal, in a sense, and I can still use the material I have for something in the future. I did enjoy working on what I accomplished for this project.)


As the weather turns, the outdoors start to call. The garage always seems to get disorganized and messy over the winter, and I've already spent an afternoon getting it back in order. There is still more to do, but the wife will have to help me go through that stuff.

As with every summer for the last three years, this year will be no different. Projects are planned and will no doubt not happen on the timeline I have set. I've become more and more realistic with each passing year over the last few years, so that helps with any frustration that comes along with not getting done what I want to get done. In the grand scheme, it doesn't really matter anyway; Most things in life don't.

And then, there's the yard. Read more about that in a post I'll be publishing soon, when I'm done working on it.

You CAN read about my purchase of a used lawn tractor and attachments in a recently published post.

 R&D Workshop

What I'm trying to accomplish with this specific blog (when R&D was it's own blog) is to write these posts as a summary of what I am and have been working on. I try to not get too far ahead of myself with empty promises that I toss out into the faceless abyss that is the internet. I also don't want too much overlap with what I have going on elsewhere on the web, but sometimes I will choose something I've summarized here as a post to write more about at my main blog.

Why have more than one blog? That's a good question I sometimes ask myself. Mostly, why not? They each have different agendas, and if they continue to meander in different directions, then I'll know it was a good idea. In the end, I know that I can​ always go with Plan B and migrate the posts to my other blog and give them their own category label, The R&D Workshop. (EDIT: Plan B was activated.)

Thoughts on how to dial in this newsletter-style blog cross my mind occasionally, and it's usually best to just DO something rather than to think about it incessantly and then do NOTHING. What I'm saying is this will continue to be a bit of a work in progress. And that, actually, makes it more fun. Life should always be a work in progress. Life should mostly be fun.

 In Closing

The reading experience here could be even more dreadful if I just copied a laundry list of my weekly to-dos. Who knows? Maybe that's how this feature will end up, a record of my weekly doings. There are ALWAYS things to ponder. What a dreadful thought to think.

Dreadful. Perhaps, I should try using that word more for a while, see what reactions I get. I would, no doubt, need to say it in situations where its use would be excessive. If I were from the UK, I think it'd sound less out of place. They seem to appreciate that word more than Americans. That could just be my perspective.


I'd love to talk about other things I'm researching and have in development, but for now, I think it's best to keep them TOP-SECRET. Some beans need to stay in the can.

That is all.

Have fun (but not too much.)

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