Last year, my family and I got into a show called Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia. It's a Netflix show by Guillermo del Toro. I have gotten the impression that his name means something, so maybe that alone would sway you into checking it out? (Among many others, he did write, direct, and produce Pan’s Labyrinth—a great movie, if you ask me.) If you don't have kids, I could certainly see this NOT being on your bucket list. Maybe I'm wrong. If you have kids, I think this is a fun show to watch together; it was a great way for my wife and I to connect/share an interest with the kids.

We watched season three shortly after it came out this past spring/summer, and it didn't disappoint. However, with the way the story was progressing, it did leave me wondering what fuel they would have left for the story afterward. I got my answer after finding out there would be only three seasons—makes sense. It made me wonder how much of the show's length was intended and how much was due to circumstances. The show handled the real death of the person who voices the main character very well, but regardless, I'm sure the end was predetermined. His death came about mid-season.

Trollhunters presents an age-old story in a modern, otherworldly light. The story’s larger arc has plenty of time to develop over its seemingly short three seasons. My family and I are hoping that another chapter in the saga picks up at some point. They certainly left that door wide open with how they ended it. In fact, where they left Trollhunters open to is another potential age-old story. I'm thinking along the lines of Homer’s The Odyssey. We wait patiently, Guillermo. For NOW.

I looked around YouTube for something other than the trailer, but alas, I decided the trailer was the best to share. (And here’s a direct route to the video in case it’s missing below.)

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Linkage For Thinkage

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The Ten Commandments of Success

I love this. I absolutely love this. Did I mention that I love this? What is it, you ask? It's a post from a site that I've taken an interest in lately, The Art of Manliness. The post is basically taken from a book, The Business of Life, (1916) by Frank Crane. There was some shortening of the text done, but by and large, it's what the author of the book wrote. In fact, the phrasing of the words is a sign that it wasn't written in more modern times. Despite this, the truths the writing covers are pretty universal, and therefore, timeless.

I've spoken about this subject matter, success, in past posts. I have always tried to convey that I was never strictly talking about the kind of success most people probably attribute to the word. Success means a lot of things and it means something a little different to everyone. It should always be that way to a certain extent. Our lives are all different and we all have different strengths and wants. However, at the core, within all of that, there is a binding continuity that runs through us all. We all strive for better, for success. What this article/book excerpt covers can be summarized as the success of self, the success of satisfaction.

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Doing The Golf

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I recently went golfing. I can easily count on one hand the amount of times that I've went golfing in the last five years, not coincidentally, the same amount of time that I've been married.

During the few years prior to getting married, also prior to meeting my wife, I golfed very often. It was a new hobby at the time, and I jumped in with a mild obsession. While I did enjoy the act of golfing and having something to get better at, I also enjoyed the opportunity to get outside, get away from my all-too-mundane life, and spend time with a friend.

Many things changed after my wife and I started our life together, after casually talking to each other for months at work. It wasn't just the acts of buying a house or getting married or taking on the role of dad to my step-kids. Over this time and starting beforehand, I was changing and the people around me were changing, too, and not all of them for the better. My priorities had changed and golf didn't seem quite as important as it had. Besides, I knew that I could go again in the future, whenever that would be.

Here I am years later, still changing, adapting, and searching out life. I have found that I don't really miss playing golf all that much, but it's still something that I really do enjoy. I had a great time on my recent trip! But, it's hard for me to consistently justify squeezing the time out of my day or week to golf knowing there's a list of other things I'd like to get done, whether they be my works of passion or chores around the house. Maybe it's good for me to golf anyway, to force myself to partake in an activity that I don't necessarily see as a means to an end. I'm certainly not trying to get on the golfing pro circuit.

One thing I am pretty excited about is the driving range that's going to be opening by my house. From what I've seen, it looks like a pretty hip place and has three levels to hit from. From what I've heard, it's going to be a somewhat swanky place that will have a bar and restaurant and party rooms that can be rented out. I'm looking forward to having a fun, new place close-by to visit. The establishment is called Topgolf.

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Shine That Spotlight, You Crazy Diamond

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I published a post a short while ago about Draze Force. I also Spotlighted Draze Force/Nick Morris, in TNSDD #7 & #12. Then why am I mentioning him again here? Because, I can. Plus, I want to make sure that those of you who missed the previously mentioned post get a chance to know that Nick/Draze has a new 5-song EP, III, that you should give a listen to.

Here’s the post, which includes a bunch of informational nuggets, links, interview stuff, background… an explosion of goodness!
Draze Force: Analog Meets 8-Bit

And here’s his website, where you can listen to his brand new EP, III, along with finding ways to connect and buy.

There’s also a Twitch channel that he started. You can watch along and chat as he writes, records, and mixes music.

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Stardelay: Thoughts & Words

I've enjoyed this song now and then over the last year. Well, not quite a year, but close enough. It's a peaceful and relaxing tune. I've started to branch out a bit, and I've found some of his other songs, some of which are instrumental. I have yet to be disappointed.

Taken from the bio on the Stardelay Last.FM page:
"Stardelay is German-born multi-instrumentalist Carsten Mentzel. Carsten's specialty is the Fender Rhodes and the Fender Telecaster. His home is trip-hop, ambient-lounge, slow-funk, electro-pop, fusion jazz and nu jazz. Bitter-sweet emotionality and melancholy full of relish are created by dreamy guitars, sounds of sitars, mellow walls of keyboards and archaic bass. Beside his mastership on these instruments Carsten fosters his vocals with more than three octaves."
Give this sweet tune a watch and a listen. (Direct link.)

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